I had attended the Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham on 21st March 2017 and had visited some stalls whilst there, I had been looking for a company who could provide me with photo books I would be able to use for customers as well as including into my project.

I had been lucky enough to have a chat with Maddie Hayden from Sim Imaging, who had gone through packages with me, prices and the books they have to offer, she had provided me with a 40% off coupon to create a sample book that I could use.

I was particularly inspired by the different types of photo books available, they had fold out books rather than the conventional pages, cubes with images and large customised boxes to keep usb’s I found these to be quite unique and will be looking into purchasing some samples of these different ways to produce images to clients.

Sim Imaging

Speaking with Maddie on the phone after the show, she explained to me the different books they have to offer, from the traditional large ivory material bound wedding albums to the more conventional snap shot books. Once I became a registered member she then sent me a link to download their software. On here I can browse the different styles, amend the book as I need and choose different textures of covers, and photo paper.

I will be ordering a sample book from Sim imaging to show to clients, however I did find them to be quite pricey, although they do produce quality professional albums, I will look at the sample book before deciding on a company I will continue to work with.

Whilst as the show I also approached the Zno stand, these also offered photo books and albums, I had spoken to the Zno team who had given me a voucher code to receive a free photo book, I had placed an order through their site, creating a unique personalised book I can use in both my project and to show to customers.



I found these albums to be more affordable, and will look at the quality once It arrives, the album I chose is a lustre print book with a hard cover, I decided to chose this one for the purpose of it been hard wearing, I will be able to use this book as a sample without worrying that it will become depreciated easily.