My final Portfolio of images consists of 1 Supporting Images and a Photo book of 16 images.

My first Image I have chosen as a supporting Image to my portfolio is the image below, from a photo shoot taken of a toddler. The image was taken as part of a daddy daughter shoot where I was asked that I showcase the fathers most important aspect of family life; His daughter. My project has been to capture the memories of families as seen through their eyes, looking at the importance of family life. The image I have chosen for my supporting shot, is both representative of capturing detail of a fathers vision of ‘pride’.

I have been looking to create a series of images that show my own style as a photographer, creating bespoke images for clients and to detail the important aspects within a family unit. This image with its bright vibrant red colour grabs the attention of the eye, thus the reason for me choosing this one as my supporting shot, I want to grab the attention of the viewer and draw them in to want to see more, I had chosen to use a bright vibrant and visually attractive shot to entice the creative eye. image 2 - edited-1.jpg

I have used this shot not only as my supporting shot but as a main cover for my Photo book for the reasons as explained above, with its vibrant colour it attracts attention immediately, with the catch light in the eyes I have also been able to grab the focus of the viewer, meaning that you are automatically drawn initially to the eyes in this image, beginning from the central part on the photograph.

I had asked my mentor as well as other parents and a graphics printer their opinions of the images I had produced, after explaining my project and my aim to capture bespoke images, I had had compliments on the powerfulness of this image, not only does it attract attention but it shows meaning behind  my shoot, to capture an important part of a fathers life.

For my second image I have chosen to use an image from a newborn shoot, my reasons for using this image second is to start my timeline of family life after my supporting shot, I wanted to create a time line or story through the development of family life, by choosing my main image from a newborn shoot as the beginning to the journey through life.

When I created the image I was asked to produce an image that would represent the new and natural form of a newborn baby, the mother I took the image for wanted to preserve her babies identity of a delicate ‘nude’ new member of the family.

image 3 - edited .jpg

I was particularly happy with this shot as I was able to photograph the traditional ‘sleeping baby’ pose that many mums desire during newborn shoots, after speaking with the mother before the shoot she had requested a ‘traditional’ style image, which is what I set out to produce for her. I wanted to create a soft delicate image to give the feeling of quiet and peaceful, to recreate the tenderness of a new baby, something for the family to reminisce for many years to come.

Continuing with my timeline I had chosen to use another image from a newborn shoot, this time a detailed image of baby toes. This image illustrates the delicateness and size comparison of a baby and a mother, using the mothers hand as a cradle to protect her tiny newborn, representing the short time that they stay so intricate.

image - 1 edited-1.jpg

I had created this image based on the mothers request to highlight the size of her newborn, she wanted something that represents her tiny new arrival. With the detailed lines on the feet I have captured the essence of a newborn baby. I used neutral colours for the background to keep the feet the focal point of the image, drawing the viewer into the details in the soles of the wrinkled feet.

My fourth image I have chosen to represent a bond between parent and child, the image below is of a single father and his daughter. He told me all about how proud he is of her and her importance to him, the image I took captured the raw emotion and visual bond between the two.

By using an image that shows affection I can engage with the viewer, creating feelings within the image and creating a story. This type of image can relate to majority of people, not just those with young children but anyone who shares a bond with someone or has shared a bond they once loved, hopefully this gives me the power of triggering an emotion through my photograph.

image 5 - edited -1.jpg

I had chosen to use an image that shows a bond as my third image within my timeline to show the progression to a strong family connection between fathers and children, it is often said that a father bonds later than a mother following the arrival of a newborn baby, so using this image further down my time line I am able to create that such feeling that a father feels, again hopefully connecting with male viewers who may have also experienced this delay in connection with their own child or children.

My fourth image I have chosen to use a life celebration, a 1st Birthday of a toddler. The image itself was taken in order to depict both a celebration of a birthday but also the connection of a grandmother and granddaughter. The mother of the child in the image had asked me to capture images for her daughters 1st birthday as a memory for her family album but to also include the very much important pride that her grandmother has for her granddaughter.

image 9 - edited -1.jpg

The image above I had captured in order to show a family celebration by using props within the photo to tell a story, by having these small incites the viewer can begin to conclude that this image was taken for the purpose of or during a party or celebration, the balloons and banners help to narrate the scene withing the image. Not only was I trying to capture a celebration but I wanted to show the love within the image between the two. The grandmother has locked a gaze with her grandchild, you can see the smile and show of pride on her face, this look of pride is what has created the intended look for my image.

My fifth addition to my timeline of images is of a toddler in her cot within her own home, this image was taken for the purpose of demonstrating the importance of a secure family life within a a family home, many parents I had spoken to including the parent of the child in the image explained the importance of family life within the family home, this included things such as toys, belongings and even the family home itself. The image was to capture the essence of a childhood bedroom, to preserve the memory of a step in that child’s life, we move throughout the years changing and ageing and so do our possessions, this image depicts the beginning of a first bedroom.

image 10 - edited-1

I wanted to set the scene and had used soft lighting to give the image a slumber effect, this shows not just the child in her cot within her room but can also give you a feel for the moment, the delicate lighting and subtle wording behind the girl of night time, which gives the image a time of day as well as a place. Many family albums included such scenes as this one with our homes being part of our family images and I feel that it is important include these within our timelines, as we grow so does our surroundings, this image preserves both baby and surroundings within the photograph.

I have added the next image on my timeline of a baby posing in chosen cloths specifically for the shoot, this image was taken to show pride as like the supporting image used in my portfolio. Parents will more often than not be proud of their children when dressed in smart attire, when getting a photo shoot many people will dress for the occasion, this generates a sense of pride for ones self in the same way we feel pride for our children when we dress them in this way.

image 7 - edited -1.jpg

This image is one that is specifically created for the intention of ‘showing off’ when we take images of our children we are more often inclined to show the images we feel more  proud of, the image triggers this sense which in turn will also create the need to share this pride with other be it family or friends. I have been creating images that are aimed to create this such feeling as I want my clients to want to show others their images. Pride is something we will feel throughout our lives and will continue to develop throughout our children’s lives, the more they do and the more they grow the more pride we feel for them, I want to continue taking time line images generating this same feeling throughout.

My next image is one from a family shoot taken of a father and son, together enjoying each others company. The image shows happiness between the pair, with clear smiles and a connection or bond. A common phrase within family life is ‘the bond between father and son’ this image represents that very phrase.

image 6 - edited-1.jpg

As like the image with the daughter and father this image also presents a connection between tow people, I find myself grinning unwillingly when looking at this image, which is why I have chosen to add this into my portfolio, the feelings that this image can activate are what I want from my project, I am wanting to create images that speak to the viewer, stimulating a warmth within.

My eighth image was one taken from a pre teen shoot, moving along the timeline I have added this one towards the end to show the transition from childhood into teen life. The image is set in an outdoor setting to simulate the development through nature as well as through adolescents.

IMG_9464.jpg The shoot was infact that of my own son, I had decided that within my project I had been focusing on other families ideas of importance within their images and had not considered my own thoughts on the matter, so choosing to photograph what I found important in my life, my son, I had chosen the outdoor setting to create images that represent my son to me, the outdoor scenery adds to his personality as well as upcoming independence in life, with him growing older and becoming more grown up not only does he give me pride but he is becoming a young gentleman so preserving every step in life is important to me.

I was aiming to capture the innocence, and by capturing a cheeky smile combined wit ha casual pose I have created an image that represents my vision on my son as he is now.

My next image of a family unit is to show the completion of a family unit, this is all images before coming together to create a full family unit. When considering the family album it is often forgot all the little images in between the much more common and traditional style of family portraits with everyone present, the images I have chosen before this are images that lead up to this point.

image 4 - edited -1.jpg

This image was taken during a project done with the NHS capturing families that were bart of Born In Bradford. The images were taken for the purpose of demonstrating the growth of a family following the birth of a new arrival. This image I have chosen to use shows the full family unit coming together as a whole to complete the sequence.

Before I complete my time line I wanted to add one last image, this time one that does not represent here and now but shows the past. The image below id that of a newborn with the added aspect of a loved one who has passed away. Family images will show members who are here with us, images can show us people within them that have passed but it is less often we see images that show both the living and the departed together as one.

image 8 - edited -1.jpg

This image was created following a request from a mother to include what she feels is important, the memory of a loved one, along with the celebration of a new arrival. The image combines both happiness and sadness, but most importantly remembrance.

The images I have created are all bespoke to the clients, with my rendition of their feelings captured in a photograph. I am able to create images with meaning and feelings that reach out to the client and viewers, showing stories, times and celebrations that we all feel need recording.