I have decided to use 10 images from my project that relate to my proposal, as well as creating a photo book of 16 images also chosen from my project.

I need to look into how to create these images in a professional manner as well as producing a photo book that best suits the needs of my project and can be used as a sample to help promote my business.

I have been consistent in the way I take and produce my images, creating detailed personal images that are suitable for family albums, this is to fit with my original proposal and to also help expand my business, my images I produce in albums are finished in a matte finish to preserve the quality of the image and to create a professional finish to my images when in a photo book or album. Not only do I myself prefer this finish but when speaking with clients I have created wedding albums for I have noticed that the majority of clients prefer the matte finish to gloss, the matte give a clean even texture with less chance of fading as easy to handle, meaning less sticky finger prints!

So keeping with the quality of imagery I find works for clients and my own personal preference I had decided to look into how I can create prints to this similar texture and quality, I want my images to be to a high print standard but be appealing to my audience.

After speaking with my tutor on printing processes he had made me aware of Glicee printing, I then decided to do some research on this type of print process.

Glicee prints genuinely have a longer life span of 100 – 200 years and are more commonly used in the art world when printing for exhibitions and fine art. the quality of these prints are higher than other methods of printing, with pigment based inks used to print on superior archival art paper,  with the colour corrected to maintain the closest possible match to the original work than other methods.

these type of quality prints will perfectly demonstrate the detail in my images, with out the distraction of a gloss finish, not only should the Glicee style print be to a high standard but the lifespan of the print will outlast it’s rivals, this again fits in with my need to create images suitable for family albums. With albums being produced for families and handed round for years, adding images as time goes on, this type of image print should be durable and long lasting for the purpose of sharing.

To determine where I should get my work printed I looked into where I can get these high quality prints, the two places available I found were Print space London and Knight Graphics Halifax;

Print Space

Knight Graphics

Upon looking at the distance in both places I had decided that the printing company in Halifax was more accessible, although It was possible to send images to print space in London to have them sent back to me. I browsed the website and looked at the price list online. Then contacting the printing company in Halifax I found that the price was much more affordable, through researching both companies I found that Glicee prints are produced to the same quality and took it upon myself to visit Knight Graphics.

I spoke with Rob Knight about quality of prints and got some advice on producing my images, I had explained to him my project, my preferred way to produce images and how I want my images to be presented, he then explained the benefits of Glicee which included long life ans quality of the ink and paper and showed me samples of work printed in this way. The Glicee print as I had researched was of much higher quality and would give me a selection of fine artistic printed images of top quality.

I brought my images up onto the computer at the graphic studio and looked over the quality of the image, the colours were all true to colour, as I had collaborated my computer before editing which had resulted in a perfect finish when producing my images at the graphic studio.

As well as producing 10 Glicee prints for my final portfolio I wanted to create a photo book that would also relate to my brief, I began looking into online platforms that helped me to create photo books to a professional finish.

I had downloaded software to create a book with Saal imaging, I found these books to be more for amateur processing, the designs for the inserts of these pages were playful and decorative which reminded me more of a scrap book rather than a professional album finish, the price however was very affordable and the variety of designs and layouts was wide, meaning there were plenty of choice to personalise the album. The Saal photo book did come with a small bar code on the reverse of the page which I thought could make it less professional looking and the option to add a photo to the front page on some of the textured covers was not available which I was disappointed in.

Saal Digital

As well as looking at Saal I had looked into Zno, I had the chance to look through samples of their work during the NEC photography show and found them to be affordable as well as well presented.

I had a look online and found the prices to be competitive and created an online photo book to my own style and even used my own image as a cover, I likes this option as it added a personal touch to the cover, I was able to either use the image to fit the page or for a more unique touch use the whole image for both front and back, this I thought gave the book a more catching finish, the large image on the front draws you in, it looks different and modern.

I had decided that the quirky look to this book had the edge on the other companies I had tried for the money, as I had designed a book through Sim Imaging but found their prices to be more excessive for what I could get. Sim Imaging

Although the quality of the albums with Sim imaging seemed to a very high standard and the multiple options available with wide range of designs the price unfortunately was out of my reach, at three times the amount of the other possible photo book companies I had decided against ordering from them but will still keep this company in mind when I begin to expand my business and gain a larger clientele.

So after careful consideration I had decided that my final book would come from Zno; Zno

The book I produced had a number of 16 images, these were from my project for this brief, I had decided that I would aim the book specifically at showing babies and toddlers as to appeal to parents who may wish to purchase a photo book following a shoot. I had chosen a selection of images I was happy with, mainly due to comments from parents but also that I feel fit with my family album project.

The images used are to represent images that would be included into a baby photo album, with detailed shots of toes and fingers and images of happy smiley babies, as well as sleeping natural poses. I had chosen to do a varied layout within my book for the purpose of displaying options available when creating a photo book, this gives the option to go thorough this book to create a unique book with customers tailored to their preferences.

I had been creating images that suited the requirements of the parents and families in accordance to their own ideas, the images are all personalised to the families own representations of family album photographs.

The album created has images from each of my shoots, finished in matte and presented in a hard cover photographic book to a processional standard, suitable for sample viewing.