I decided to get one last shoot for my family album proposal, I had decided that I would use my own idea of an ideal image to enter into the family album. This time choosing to do a Pre-Teen shoot with my ow son.

I had to look at my own ideas of an ideal image that I would like in my family album and had decided that my greatest achievement and my most important part of family life was my son. As a photographer I spend a lot of time saying ‘Now smile like you mean it’ when it comes to taking photos with my son, he often becomes the main person I use when doing practice shots and testing out equipment, and will often force poses and fake smiles, so taking into consideration the amount of time I spend creating specific images with my son I had chosen to take him on a day out, taking with me the camera.

I wanted to attempt to get as much natural poses and smiles as possible from him as, for me, an important image is a natural one, which shows true emotion. I love to see my son smile and  that to me is what I treasure the most in my own family images, natural real emotion.

I set out to create some genuine happy smiles during our trip to the park, luckily It was bluebell season! This gave me the opportunity to get a fantastic backdrop in my images. Engaging with my son we told jokes and laughed together enabling me to photograph a few real smiles!

Of course as the usual protocol goes, we had plenty of gritted teeth followed by ‘are we done yet’ poses but amongst those were a few natural smiles I was happy I had captured, so the following images I have chosen myself based on my own preferences, these images are all natural smiles with the stunning scenery in the background. The blend of natural happy smiles and a colourful backdrop present in my own eyes my version of an important image for the family album, showing the growth, development and happiness of my own child.

By using the outdoors as my backdrop in this shoot I was able to create a series of colourful images which I was very pleased with. As this shoot was based on my own preferences in my images, the background to me is also important, I’m very fond of a delicate uncluttered background in my images, the scene with the bluebells also adds a time within my images, giving the shots a spring feel to them meaning not only do they show my son but the background provides a time of year I can pin point this too, giving them a place in time.

I wanted to get some genuine smiles, and looking through the images I took I found myself smiling along with these shots in particular, the images give me a sense of happiness and pride, to me that is what makes an important image for my family album, a photograph that can make me smile and fill with pride.