During my family portrait project I did a Daddy Daughter Shoot as part of my portfolio, I began taking singular images of the toddler, then asked Daddy to join in, we were able to get a range of images from single images to family shots. I had asked what type of images the client would like in their album and was informed that images of his daughter on her own was something he wanted alongside the family images I had come to take.

I started off setting up toys for her to play with and got some interactive shots, then took somw close up images of her face, getting her happy facial expressions, this was important to the dad, he wanted intimate images of them both together as well as close personal images of her on her own.

I set up in the room facing the large window to let in light, and using a soft box behind me to reflect her eyes, I began taking images whilst she was playing, getting dad to interact with her, I used a camera toy, camera creature I had purchased from PetaPixel during the NEC Photography show PetaPixel Camera Creatures. Using this I was able to get her attention and capture some interactive images, whilst she was looking into the camera.

I wanted to create images that the dad would like in his album, so using information I had been passed I set to create some meaningful images, By getting in close with the camera I was able to get some personal non distracting images.

Once I got a few of her on her own I asked her dad to step in and get some happy family moments together, I got them laughing and giggling and took images as though I wasn’t there, I wanted to create in the moment images that looked natural, so I could capture personal moments for them to keep.

After the shoot I then arranged to come back and view the images with the client in order for them to choose their favourites, The dad had liked the images so much so that he had asked I come back to do a second shoot, this time the shoot was more personal, he wanted images of her in the places that were important to him, as he was a single dad in his first home he had requested that I took images of her in different rooms of the house, this included; the front room, her bedroom, his bedroom, in the sitting area.

The reason for the second shoot was to create another set of images although this time they were to contain locations that meant something to him, he wanted to have something that he could show her when she was older, the places where she first grew up.

So coming back for the second shoot, I took the opportunity to use the objects and places to my best advantage, the seating area contained a grey couch and I had used this as the backdrop for my images. I took some posed images here using their own furniture to make the images personal to them. The again in the upstairs bedroom I took images of her laying down in a posed position using the backdrop available to my advantage, with the pillows as a background to my image.

I ad been asked on the images in the living room to take a wider shot, his reasons for this were simply to show the place in which she grew up, he wanted to include all the furnishings around her as the background to this image.

By using a photographer to take home images He was able to get a set of images of his daughter in his home but to a professional standard, he wanted images that he could show off of his daughter in his own setting but wanted images that he was proud of. I am happy with the outcome of the shoot and had been able to experiment in a different way of taking baby/family portraits, this could open up an opportunity in the market for a different style of family portraiture, the images taken in the second session were all in  natural setting without the use of props, this makes the images that little bit more personal to the client.

As well as taking the images for the client I also experimented in ways in which I took some shots, whilst in her cot I had decided to use the bars as a effect in my images, using a shallow depth of field I focused through the bars to the girl in the cot, blurring out the bards to give me a frame in my image.


I liked the effect that this had created, which had given me another way to create images, once showing the dad these images he was pleased with the outcome and had asked for copies, it made the image unique, giving me a different approach in the way I can take images.

(Full contact sheet of shoot in folder)