Whilst at the Photography Show I looked for information on insurance cover for both amateur and professional photographers.

When using photography equipment there is always the chance it may get broken or damaged so I had decided to look into affordable but efficient insurance that covers me and my equipment.

I started off looking into Amateur Photography Insurance, the reason for this was whilst I was still at university and I am using my equipment for my projects, with limited amount of equipment this cover should suit me fine.

I found a policy summary from Towergate Camerasure, which outlined what was covered;

  • Stolen property – up to £500
  • New to old replacement on wear and tear – £ up to £2000
  • Theft from vehicle – up to £5000
  • Laptops – up to £300

The amateur cover was suitable for my time in university however I wanted to look further into a policy that would cover me for more once I expand.

I then gathered more documentation for semi-professional cover, this covered the same as above however included indemnity insurance as well as for up to £1,000,000. This was a better policy although I would still need more coverage once becoming full professional.

Moving onto the professional photography policy I found that it covered me for all of the above as well as;

  • Processing loss – up to £5000
  • Damage resulting in re-shoots – up to £20,000
  • Archived records – up to £7,500
  • Reinstatement data – up to £2,500

This was a much better policy and covered me for much more so I decided to get a quick quote online. Towergate Camerasure Quote

I was then able to speak with an adviser over the phone to arrange a quotation for insurance based on my business.

I had compared them with another company I had found information on during the show. Infocus Insurance. After looking through the Infocus webpage and getting an online quote that they offered more protection, and at an affordable price, I could get the basic package but still have cover for up to £2,000,000 for indemnity insurance, as well as double the cover on all equipment.

At double the amount of cover available and at a price I could afford whilst studying, I had decided to go with this company to cover all my equipment in order to keep my business and myself covered when travelling to/from and shooting one jobs.

See Information packs Picked up at the NEC Photography Show in folder. Key facts information on policy cover.