Final Proposal – New Title  

I had decided to re-evaluate my final proposal and its title, as my proposal this year is focusing on the family and the importance of the images within a family album I felt that the title ‘Family Bond’ didn’t have a wide enough context to represent the project.

As part of my final year I have also been looking into my own pursuit into becoming a freelance photographer and thus have been concentrating what my approach will be, finding my own area of expertise and generate my USP.

I have been capturing moments between family members and capturing the important aspects of family life, creating bespoke images to each individual client. Family memories are the most treasured style of photography, I have been creating them for clients to enjoy in their own home, to share with friends and loved ones, images that have true meaning to them. By creating images that are bespoke to each client I can represent them in their own style, using their own interests as a main focus in all my images. My style is natural and simple, without the excessive use of props, with delicate backdrops within my images.

I find that my son inspires me to want to create personalised memories, I often look back at images taken from when he was a baby and none of the images actually represent who he is or his importance to me, so I have set out to create images that are distinctive to my clients with their own personalities and feelings within the images I create for them.

I have decided to look at my title and re name my project this year to reflect on my approach to family photography;

‘Bespoke Family Memories’

I have chosen to re-name my project this as it effectively describes what I am trying to do within my photography, I am creating images that are personal and bespoke to each individual client. I feel that this is more explanatory, it explains the meaning of the images taken and what my approach has been throughout my project.

By using this as my USP I can offer bespoke images to future clients, creating images that will be unique and personal, capturing memories as the client wants rather than how they expect.