As previously explained my project ‘The Family Bond’ is focusing on the family album and how images are taken for the purpose of preserving a ‘perfect’ family portrait.

I have been looking into the family album, both past and present as part of my dissertation in contextual studies and have looked at what makes the ‘perfect’ image for a family album.

Talking with clients and looking through articles I have been looking at different ways to capture a family portrait;

Recently I have photographed a ‘daddy daughter’ shoot and looking at family values, composition and technique I was able to get a variety of images that fit my brief.

I started off with the single yet traditional images of the girl posing for the camera with toys/objects of importance in the image, then bringing in ‘daddy’ I got some family shots of them both having fun, to get the giggles and smiley happy family image. The looking into a more contemporary way of photographic young children I got in close and took some up close images of the girl, focusing in on facial details and expressions.

This gave me a variety of images I could fit into my brief, all the images have meaning, they are all taken for a purpose but are shot in different ways. I was happy with the variety I had managed to create in my shots, this gives me a wider context in my images.

I have been taking images of toddlers to expand on my newborn images, adding more variety into my collection of images so far, using toddlers I can experiment in the way I use object in my images, giving the children toys to play with and enabling me to interact with them.

The first image I have chosen is a ‘traditional’ style image of a girl playing with toys, I say ‘traditional’ because this image has been apparent for years, dating back to the Victorian times when families would pay a photographer to capture their children playing with their expensive toys, the more they could get into the photograph the more wealth they could show! this image although wasn’t taken for that reason can represent a similar characteristic by creating a detailed and busy image, showing a happy content baby.


The image I have chosen above although doesn’t have a vast variety of toy but just one shows interaction, this you find in alot of baby and children photography with the use of a plain but colourful object for the children to play with often one with a similar colour to the child’s clothing, I think this adds extra detail in the images, giving you something to look at as well as just the child, showing an interaction and a purpose for the image.

By giving the girl an object to hold I was able to grab her attention, keeping her entertained enabled me to interact with her getting some images of her looking into the camera lens.

The second of my images was one from the ‘daddy daughter’ shoot, I chose this image as a interactive family image of them both playing and enjoying each others company, I think this also can be described as a ‘traditional’ photograph, not quite as dated as the image containing toys but in the years of family photography where happy moments are wanted in the family album.


This image I feel hold sentimental values, showing a bond between the both withing the image, It a pure image of true emotions that I feel is important to include into the family album.

The third and final image I have chosen to show is that of a close up, I like how much detail can be seen in the close up images, these have less distractions and are purely focused on the individual in the image, These type of images are a more contemporary way of capturing family photography, as its very personal in the way it is captured.


Capturing the detail of the eyes was the most important thing for me to concentrate on in this image, The close personal shots are my favourite of shots, I like the professional look that this technique creates, its normally only in professional photography that you will see close up detailed shots as majority of home snap shots are full frame.