After our visits we had during our lecture talks I had decided to gather the information I had noted during the lectures, from this I went on to apply the tips and advice that we were given.

I started with looking into creating my own logo, as advised by Shy during her talk, She explained that getting a logo was a good way to secure a positive look at our business, using a consistent logo shows professionalism and people are more likely to come to someone they feel looks as well as acts professional.

I visited a few sites and ended up creating my own Logo through a site called logo Garden that create free logos’s. I looked through a gallery of images and pre made logos and chose an image I felt represented my business, as I want to be both a wedding and family photographer my aim is to create images that people will love and had come across a logo with purple hearts, I felt that this represented the bond of a family.

Not wanting to create an image that was already out there and being used I wanted to personalise the logo to myself, I moved the image around so it sat just at the end of my business name and altered the colours, opting for two shades of purple, I felt this is a pretty neutral colour and can relate to both male and female customers while at the same time show that my business is specifically aimed at the bond and love of a family, using two hearts to symbolise the bond with the two hearts and love that is represented by hearts.

I then saved this logo as an image so I could use it on my own images.

Logo Garden

Once I had saved my logo I then downloaded it and moved it over to Photoshop to add to my images, Increasing the size of the image I was able to get an appropriate size for my images. By using the move tool I was able to drag the logo image and place it onto my own photos’s. Below I have included an image with my logo now added.

First Logo .jpg


Once I had looked at my own logo I then continued to have a play with different sizes adding it to other images, placing it in different positions and changing the capacity, then including it on my own site, I was now ready to start using my own personal logo to advertise giving my business a more professional look.