I presented my work again to the class of progress made so far and showed my second set of shoots, I explained my project again and what I was trying to capture to show this.

I explained my recent shoots consisted of a family portrait session and a 1st Birthday shoot, showing them some images from both.

I explained problems that had occurred with lighting and how I delt with the issue and showed images from the shoots explaining what I wanted to capture, I got some helpful feedback on my photo’s I had produced, like editing advice on getting my images brighter using levels on Photoshop to produce a clearer image and how to position people whilst keeping the shoot from becoming boring or too demanding.

I also got some good comments on how I had dealt with the situations and how I had approached the shoots to create a quirky yet personal shoot for the people in the images.

From this I will be looking at my images in Photoshop and editing them accordingly to make sure the levels are just right and to eliminate the highlights on other images.

I also took note of others presentations and gave advice and made comments on them, providing my peers with a feedback sheet.

My feedback sheets from the presentations will be added to my folder.