I had the opportunity to photograph a little girl for her 1st Birthday, I took images using my own set up at her house, using my own equipment and set up to get the images I wanted.

I used a white backdrop with two continuous lights with umbrellas, as well as a external flash and flash diffuser.

I used some of my own props and toys in the shoot as well as some of her own personal toys , this helped to keep her entertained during the shoot, I asked the mum to keep her attention and interacted with her whilst I was shooting.

I also took with me another student from my course, she had brought with her another external flash and stand with triggers, this was to be used as a secondary flash if needed. Although It was nice to have someone there to help set up the equipment it became very crowded very quickly and I found myself having to move around my second shooter and asking her to step to one side so I could line my shot up, this caused problems with getting quick shots and manoeuvrability during the set.

When we set up the second flash to use during the shoot we had realised that there were no batteries in the flash she had brought with her, fortunately she did have some in her bag and was able to get them into the flash this delayed a bit of time, although we were then ready to go another problem arose with the triggers not working correctly, she had not been able to attach the triggers to the flash and thus we were not able to use this equipment in the shoot, this caused a problem with the time scale we were working to, we then had to quickly use the lights we had available and the external flash and diffuser I had brought, luckily I was able to capture some images but I had learned to make sure that all equipment including that of others is thoroughly checked before use to avoid these situations.

Once I was all set up using my own equipment I then proceeded to capture images of the little girl, she played with the toys and interacted with her mum and myself and I was able to get a selection of images.


After my shoot I then had a range of different images I needed to edit, I found when looking through them there was a lot of specular highlights on the girls head, this I believe was caused when using the flash attached to the camera, so getting the images into photo shop I looked through them and edited a selection of images I wanted to show the customer, I got rid of anything distracting in the background, adjusted the colours when needed and amended the image to eliminate the bright light shining on her head using the brush tool. this then gave me a stronger set of images that I felt comfortable sharing with the customer.

The images above are some of the chosen edited images by the customer, she was happy with the outcome of the shoot and had complimented the way the images had come out, this was a positive outcome after we had problems during shooting, She was happy to get images that included the important family items and people she associated with her little girl which was something I was hoping I could create for both her and for my project.

By adding in my own ideas using the blocks I was then able to make that image personalised to her, using her name in the blocks and her age gave a short description of the purpose of that image, it shows who she is and how old she is creating a detailed but personal shot.

I am creating family images that show the perfect family life to the individuals I photograph as well as capturing the special moments using items of importance or even people of importance, the customer explained to me that her mum and auntie and grandparents were all important people in her and her daughters lives, they were all part of a close family so to her images that include all these people are images that create perfect family memories to her, and I was able to capture these moments in the shoot.

Over all despite a few set backs I was happy how with how the shot went and the results I got from it, I had learned that sometimes equipment can fail but I was prepared with spare lighting which resolved that situation and that I need to make sure people I am working with need to have awareness of positioning as to not cause issues in moving around however after talking with my second shooter I was able to overcome these small issues also.