My project ‘The Family Bond’ has been based around creating images of a ‘perfect’ family album, During this project I have photographed images of new born babies, practised with a doll and SIB the Stand in baby  to get the shots perfected and then done a birthday shoot for a 1 year old and finally a family portrait session.

I will be continuing capturing family memories throughout my project and will base my images around the idea of a family album, so far I have created a small selection of family photographs that show a stage throughout family life.

I have spoken already of my progress with the beginning of my shoots, the newborn sessions and will continue to go through the stages; today I will be showing my continuing progress of the family album.


This is an image taken from my recent shoot for a 1st birthday. I set up a plain background with a soft blanket for the child, then adding a few toys including building blocks and stacking hoops I began to engage with the child to get some interactive shots, I tried to make er giggle and smile as to capture some happy images, I got her playing with the toys and even invited mum and gran to jump in for some family images too.

I chose this image to represent the shoot as this was one I was most proud of, although I had used the blocks to spell out her name and add a bit of a personal touch to the  set I still preferred the close up image showing her happy smiling face, recently speaking to the mum about the images she explained how she liked the smiley close shots best, she described the images as a representation of her little girl as she is right now, she thought these closer images felt more personal.

The main issue I had wit the shoot was keeping the girls attention, as it was in fact her birthday it was quite hectic during the shoot, with family members being present and alot going on she wanted to be up and about, I feel that when doing more shoots like this one I will be asking for a less crowded room to work in, this will make keeping the child occupied much easier.

On my second shoot I took of a family I got some group shots of the family, below is one I have chosen that I feel represents a family bond, I wanted to capture a happy family moment and got the family laughing during the shoot to capture genuine smiles;


When talking to the family members about themselves, the mum made a comment about how close they were as a family unit and how they are all quite quirky, she asked for a close up shot of them all together with just their heads, so I asked them to come in close and took some happy smiley shots, she was very pleased with the images and found this one funny, she explained they are all silly at times and this type of image portray them well.

As well as taking family shots I also included the animals in some images, they wanted to bring in the animals as they were a part of the family, so I took a few shots that included the dog and cat where possible.


It wasn’t as easy capturing an image including the animals as they weren’t as compliant as the family themselves, but I took as many shots as possible to make sure I had plenty of images to go through so I could produce a good image including the animals for them.

Adding animals into the shots made it personal to them, they considered them a part of the family an bringing them into the family photo session was important to them.