After my training day using SIB I then went on to do another newborn shoot using the techniques I had learned.

The equipment I used were 2 continuous lights and soft boxes, a white backdrop which I placed behind a newborn set up I had created using ideas from the training day, which included a soft beanbag covered in a cotton fabric that I stretched out to give the illusion of a full white background as like the wee ring set up I had used previously.

Then using my camera on a large aperture and a diffuser to make the flash less harsh in my images.

I wanted to create a traditional baby pose that you would be likely to see in newborn photography, I started with the baby fully clothes taking some close up shots while both me and the mother soothed him to sleep, this then enabled me to manoeuvre  him into a comfortable manageable pose, I asked the mum to undress him once he was sound asleep and I re positioned him in the beanbag so I could see his face, hands and feet. I moved his arms and legs into positions that I felt looked perfect, He looked comfortable and the images came out as I expected.


The above Image I was most happy with, I was able to get the peaceful sleeping baby pose I wanted to capture, I wanted the nude pose to show the delicateness of the newborn baby and emphasise the ‘new’ arrival as we often associate newborns with the nude baby photos we see in professional baby shoots.

Here you can see all the aspect that make a newborn photo, the tiny feet and hands are clearly visible, the babies face including eyes, noes and lips are in view and the flawlessness of his delicate baby skin.

I adjusted the image slightly in Photoshop to get rid of the pinkish colours of his skin, this gave a nice skin tone making the baby look healthy, getting rid of any blemishes such as tiny scratches on the face and rough patches of skin.

Here are some of the before images I took, you can see the difference in the skin colour, I had adjusted the background also to make it more white rather than a yellow colour that the throw had created in the image.

I found that the image didn’t need much editing, other than taking out some of the yellows and reds from the skin and the throw, I had used a white card to reflect the light to make sure the images were true to colour which made the editing process much easier, this then cuts down the editing time after the shoots which is a big help when doing baby shoots, it means I am able to provide images to the parents quicker, as I will be pursuing this as a career my aim is to provide quality images and and quickly and professionally as possible to promote business.

In these images I focused on the delicateness of the sleeping baby, keeping focus on his face and then his fingers and toes, by moving his arms carefully I was able to place then away from his face making sure I could clearly see all of him in the images, this I felt created a better baby image, it gave the mother an image of her baby showing his size and framing the tiny fingers as well.

The images below are some of the final images from the shoot, see contact sheet for all images from the shoot.

I decided to have a range of both black and white Images, when I edited some of the images to b&w It gave it took away any distraction of colour, I liked how it gave a feeling of calm in the image.