We were asked to put together a presentation of our progress in week 5, including 5 images that represent our projects;

I had chosen 5 images from shoots and test shoots I had done in the 5 weeks and wrote about my progress as well as how the images relate to my project and how I feel my progress is as of week five.

Once we delivered our presentation we were then asked questions by the other students in the group and each give feedback on how we feel the presentation went, I wrote down my feedback and handed it to the students who delivered their presentations and was also presented with helpful criticism and comments from my fellow students.

The following are points I found helpful that were brought to attention during my presentation;

  • Take a look at Emma Weaver Baby Photographer
  • looking through Guild of Photographers at children’s images for inspiration.
  • Do you have a USP?
  • What props will you use and why?
  • Using SIB paid off, newer images are much better.
  • Strong Images using interaction with parents.
  • Lots of information delivered.
  • What is the perfect family?
  • Good idea using project for business use, will expand work portfolio.
  • Testing with both dolls worked to advantage.
  • Title?

I have been given some important people and sites to look into which can help towards my project.

I feel my Unique selling point is that although I am trying to create a very traditional set up of images I am using the opinions and requests from my clients to create images that suit my needs but theirs also, so adding in personal items such as their own toys and their own memorabilia makes the image personal to them, rather than just a set of images of them/their children/their baby they have both the traditional and the personal images.

The props I plan on using will be items of interest to the people I am photographing, I f these items are wanted, some people I have found would prefer an image with no distractions where as others want loads of different things including in there such as toys or even pets, this will be an option when shooting all my images so that the people or person I am photographing had tho opportunity to make the image personal to them.

I am happy people are able to see the progress I have made from the testing shoots and training I did with SIB, its reassuring to know my images are improving.

A perfect family I don’t think exists, but to each individual or each family I feel they are indeed the perfect family, I want to capture people’s own perfect families, this then creates a perfect family image to the people or person I am photographing.

I am hoping to use the images created during this project to build up a business portfolio to enable me to pursue a business career at the end of my degree, I was happy with the feedback I got from my images and it has given me confidence in building my image portfolio.

As for a title for my project I have a few ideas that I am working on, As I am creating family portraits with my style but families preference in mind I want to emphasise how all families are ‘perfect’ So some title names I have come up with are;

  • Family Harmony
  • Perfect Moments
  • A powerful Family Bond
  • The Family Bond