I contacted newborn photographer Kerry Comiskey from Cherry blossom Photography to speak with her in the hope she may be able to give me some advice on a shoot I had recently shot. She kindly spoke with me and went through my images giving me advice on my first set of newborn images.

After giving me advice on lighting the room correctly she then offered me a training day, so I could go over to see her set up go through lighting techniques and safe handling of newborns.

During my training session I was shown the correct way to position the baby using SIB by supporting the head, keeping the room warm so the baby would be comfortable and directing the light to capture soft shadows as well as the use of a grey card.

She showed me the set up she used and I assisted her in setting it up, this was a circular frame named a wee frame, this was where she held a soft cotton sheet around keeping it taught and placed this frame over a beanbag propped up with any extra blankets and cushions to change the position. This was where we took all our images.

Using a trigger I attached it to my camera which linked to a small soft box positioned facing down onto the frame, then shooting on f8 100 iso and at 125th shutter speed a proceeded to take some images of the stand in baby.

I found this experience very helpful, I was able to ask about how to handle the newborn babies and the best poses. I was also able to get some ideas on props I could use and where to get a frame like what I was using, I took her advice and from that will use a beanbag for my other shoots to keep the baby comfortable, as well as looking into a different background such as the white sheet we were using to get a cleaner image.

I also used a grey card and was invited back another day to go over lightroom techniques and editing using the grey card she had let me use during the shoot.