To make sure that my screen resolution was correct when editing images in Photoshop I had sent an image to Pro-am through we-transfer, given to us by our tutor. The image contained an image true to colour and a colour chart, this I used against my own computer, opening the digital image alongside the printed image I had printed and then adjusting the brightness to match both images.


Using the printed image and the uploaded image in Photoshop side by side I then proceeded to adjust the brightness on my screen, the original screen display was up at level 7, looking at both images I adjusted the brightness down to level 3 which gave me an image that resembled the same colours as the printed photograph.

Having the display set too bright not only effects how I edit but can damage my eyes after long periods of time. By setting the screen resolution I will now be able to get my images edited correctly before sending them to print, this will eliminate any problems I may come across when looking through prints.

I also used this image whilst at the college, again taking the brightness level down from level 8 on the mac to level 4, I will need to adjust the mac when I come to use it but will now know what setting is appropriate for my needs.