I decided to use the techniques I had practised with during my test shoot with the doll, anbd bring them into the shoot I did with the real newborn, as well as looking online for any tips that could help me with getting the images perfect. I found a site which talked me through the different poses, the best way to move the newborn and then preparation before hand, I found the advice quite helpful: DIY newborn shoots

When I arrived at the house I asked if the mum woukd like to give her baby a feed before we got started, I then prepared my set up which consisted of a prop basket, baby quilts and soft cushions, she had also requested we use some of her own items such as soft toys, new clothes and family memorabilia, the first draw back I had was the baby wasn’t particularly sleepy, but we made sure the room was warm and all the props were at a comfortable temperature as well as hands for manoeuvring the baby into poses.

I started with some images inside the basket wit the baby fully clothed, as I figured there was a high chance she could end up having some toilet accidents and wanted to get full use of any props before they needed washing!

I started by testing my lighting, using the smallest aperture of f5 and a low iso of 100. As you can see from the images above the first testing was too dark, I had used the flash gun on the quarter setting I had used previously in my test images of the doll, then upping the power to full I shot again, this then was too bright, keeping the flash faced up towards the white roof I brought the power back down this time to just half, this gave the correct brightness and correct exposure, I then proceeded with the shoot.

I had tried the technique with the clingfilm although was not happy with the effects on these images as you can see on the first image, so removing that I then went on to take more images, I preferred the close up images whilst she was wide awake as like explained in the tutorial tips in the above link the limbs of the babies often can move around and don’t make a good image unless tucked nicely under the baby themselves, so taking some closer images I found made a better photo, it took away the distraction of the arms and legs wiggling around and brought focus to the babies face, these images I were happier with, moving on and adding in props I then took more meaningful images giving the photograph a story.

I then started to look at taking some close images of the feet and hands, making sure I kept the aperture low to get a sharp focus on the subject but keeping the background out of focus.

I had decided that I wanted to keep all the details of the creases of the feet in the image so made sure that I kept the flash under control so it wasn’t too over exposed, getting rid of all the detailing. I believe it makes a good image when all the tiny details are all visible especially in baby photos. I wanted to get some images of the hands but found the hard part was keeping the hands out from underneath her, so found it easier when I asked the mum to give her finger for there to hold, not only did it make it easier to get the image of the hands but it made a much more intimate photo, including the mother even if only slightly, it shows the shear size of the baby at the newborn stage in comparison to the mother.