After using the flash gun to experiment outdoors we then went into the studio to have a go with flash using the triggers and studio lighting.

when we first set up in the studio we had the camera settings at f8 iso 100 and 125th exposure time, the lights we used first were the large softbox facing towards the subject and two back lights facing the backdrop, we had the power of the soft box on setting 4 with the back lights on half power each, this gave the subject a even exposure with a light background.

from here we then decided to change the backlighting so that the two lights were on the minimum setting, this created a much darker image, with the subject being correctly exposed but the background to be under exposed, so changing the back lights again this time to full power it gave us a very well exposed image however the background was very bright, this would be good if we wanted to cut out the image to put on a different background, I felt that the first and last image worked well, both for editing purposes and portrait purposes, whereas the middle image was too under exposed in both the foreground and the background.

After getting used to the setting we decided to play around with poses and see which worked best, Again changing the background lights down to half power we shot the first image and then turning them to a third of the power in the second image, we both decided that the second image worked better with the exposure, the light was even across the whole image. We found that the lights in the background worked better when they were at this setting, as they were not too over or under exposed.

We the moved over to the beauty dish, using that as a main light and again using two lights on the background, first we used just the beauty dish on setting 4 as light the soft box in the previous images, with out the back lights, we found this image to be really under exposed and decided to use just one light on the background at full power, this helped with the exposure but still gave a rather dark image so changing the lighting again we put the second light on behind, this then gave the whole image a much better exposure with the background not being too dark in comparison to the foreground.


Finally we then had a go at using poses in the images, we had adjusted the lights slightly at the back bringing them forward but found that this created too much of a highlight in the background creating a over exposed section of the image above my head, so putting the lights back we shot again, this was a better image, being well placed and correctly exposed.

in this experiment we had learned the differences that can happen with the background lighting and how to apply more or less light when needed in the image, by changing the power of the lamps we were able to experiment how much we needed to get the correct light balance, with out creating too much of an over exposure either in the foreground or background. I plan on using my own lights when taking my shots, but will take from this testing shoot the use of back lighting to control the backdrop lightness in my images, and how to separate the subject from the background by using light separation.