During my project I have tested different techniques in which to take a portrait image, around my proposal ideas for my techniques & processes. I wanted to capture images based on lifestyle portraiture, by venturing into a new sector; Portraiture photography, with the aim to capture people and their family lifestyles, such as home family portraits, personal portraits, children’s portraits and even dance images.

My take on Lifestyle Portraiture will be to emphasise what a family wants in their photography album, the important bits and the images that a client will expect when getting a family or children’s photography session. To find this information I will be conducting surveys aimed at the whole family and/or parents to find out what they expect from an image, this will help me to create images that suit my proposal.

I am currently using social media to advertise and look for new clients as well as recruit people who I can use in my project, by using social media I am able to get a wide variety of people to suit my ‘family’ images, these can be young, old, many, few, babies, etc. I will be able to create a range of family images that all represent the meaning of a family album yet have diversity at the same time.

The images I will be taking will be a selection of images I feel represent what the clients would want to frame, images suitable for an album, fireplace or hallway! Creating images that people would like to show on social media. I will be capturing images people are likely to be proud of, an image that portrays them as who they want others to see them as, a confident person/family, in essence a good image that shows where they are or where they feel they are in life.

Capturing memories is an important part in the family lifestyle leading me back to the question: why is it important to capture a happy family photograph? This I will be answering through the use of my photography.

Memories are built up on events we observe throughput our lives and often with the help of photographic imagery, I will be creating a visual representation of the meaning ‘family’ for others to observe, I want to create a set of my own style of portrait images that show this meaning as well as engaging the viewer in a detailed rendition to family portraiture.