After shooting my first set of film images with the group I then decided to take the Mamiya RB67 film camera out and do some of my own testing;

Using my own DSLR to take the images first I then replicated these settings in the film camera, this was to hopefully get a similar image, Setting up the film camera on the tri-pod I used the view finder to position the camera and adjusted the focal length of the lens, once I had the camera set up in the right place I then took my DSLR and held it above the film camera to take some shots.

IMG_6460.JPGI decided to use the natural light from the window to take some images, with limited space I set up the camera and asked my son to sit in the window shelf, at first although the background lighting was excellent the lighting facing towards my son was very dark, to help with this I used a direct light shining onto him to lighten up my subject.

I took a few shots in my DSLR before taking some shots using the film camera, I shon the light at my subject to highlight his face and shot at the largest aperture I could get at the time of f5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/50th then an iso of 1600 without using the light but 800 with.

I then proceeded to take my images with the film camera and continued outside to make the most of the natural light shots, I found outside I had more light to use thus creating a brighter sharper image.