As I was lucky enough to be able to get the chance to shoot in fog I had decided I would do some test shots while the fog was thick and have a go at creating portraits in the fog to see the outcome.

I wanted to see how I would go with using flash, by using the street lights available I was able to light my scene, I took my son out and did some test shots at the local part with the use of both white and orange street lights to see what effects I could create.

I started off with a wide aperture of f3.5 with the iso quite high at 1600 and shutter speed 1/60th taking my first shots I found that the lights faded well into the background keeping my subject  well lit with the use of a flash gun, the background lights provided a subtle background keeping attention on them, I was happy with the way the lights lit up the scene creating a slight orange tint to the image, the flash provided a nice white light on my subject keeping the natural tone of the skin.

In different scenes I used a smaller aperture of f5 this didn’t make too much of a different and still managed to capture the soft lights in the background, keeping my subject in focus, I continued to take shots using this technique creating a bokeh style background.

captureI took my favourite shots from the set and cropped the images to create a closer portrait style image, I then edited the fence in the background of one of the images as I felt It caused a distraction, almost as though the bars going through my subjects head and causing distraction in the image, I decided to use the spot healing tool to get rid of the bars.

I had chosen these two images, firstly because the subject was correctly focused, with the background dropping off behind nicely. I liked the detail created in the background through the placement of the subject in front of the trees and how the lights are peering through the branches to add character to the scene.

I liked doing this shoot to create some images with atmosphere through the use of the fog and lights available, however I feel although these images are detailed and I have managed to experiment with the different settings, they would be more suitable for an adult shoot, I feel that this would be better suited to a model style portrait shoot, rather than a kids portrait, I think that the images taken through the day would suit a family or children’s shoot better, although I was pleased I managed to create these scenes, this would be good practise for any future model shoots, By using this style of photography to fit into a specific brief for a models portfolio.

Using a wide aperture to create the soft lights in the background I think worked to my advantage and I can use this technique when placing lights behind my subjects through the day time, however to get the same effect I feel it is achievable at night as outdoor lighting is widely available .