I began looking at other photographers in the same section I am currently working in and decided to look at some ex students we had looked at during class; Paul Floyd Blake & Gareth Copley.

Paul has taken many shoots from documentary style images to portraiture, I decided to look through his portrait portfolio and had noticed his style was to take images based on the person and their lifestyle meaning the portrait images are taken in a location close to them, such as a place of work, home environment or their local area of interest, these style of images tell a more in depth story of the person by using the background as an informative aspect of the image, giving the person a personality and placing them in a specific place based on what we see.

Paul Floyd Blake

I have taken a few shots like this but blended it with a more family album style, by using places where the people are comfortable but creating an image using the location as a backdrop rather than using the location to tell a story, for example I did an outdoor shoot of a model in his own town at his local park but rather than shooting in a documentary style I chose to create a more posed look using the background to give the image some character.

I like how in some of his images he has dropped out the background using a large aperture to emphasise the person in the image, this then diverts all the main focus to them, I like to use this style in my own shots to not cause too much distraction in my images.

Another photographer I looked at was Gareth Copley, he specialises in sports photography but has taken portrait style images of sport stars using a similar approach.

Gareth Copley

Gareth had used a variety of styles when taking his portrait images, using similar techniques as Paul by placing the person in a specific location to interpret the type of person he was photographing but also by using a similar style to my own by placing the person in studio setting and taking a portrait of the person in their sport attire, these images are a more personal style of image, drawing all the focus the the person themselves with no distraction of background, I have created many images in a similar way, such as the dance portraits I took using my own studio, taking images of the children in their dance attire.

I liked the detail in his images, He has used a variety of different styles in his work creating diversity in his portfolio, I much prefer to look through images that change in style, keeping with the original purpose of creating portrait images but adding a wide selection to look through, this is something I want to be able to create in my portrait images mainly from a selling point of view, it means I am able to advertise for a variety of styles rather than one set style, this enables me to allow customers to choose a specific style of image they’d like me to create, knowing I am able to produce images to that style.