I was asked to do a modelling portfolio so had taken this opportunity to create images outside with the use of natural light, From previous indoor shoots I have noticed the lack of natural light can cause heat spots  caused by the bright studio lights I have been using.

By choosing to take the images in the late afternoon I was lucky enough to be able to capture images with the soft golden glow from the evening sun, the light cascaded through the trees lighting up my model meaning I used little or no flash at all, I was happy with how the images turned out and tried a few different poses and positions, with the sun both behind and in front of my subject.

I first took some test shots with the sun behind the location I had chosen to take my first set of images, I wanted to test how the sun would look in my images as I wanted to create a soft glow behind my model, I started of at f4.5 at iso 200 but found that the sun overtook the images making it much brighter and causing the trees to become less focused, so changing the iso to 100 and f stop to f4 I shot again this time the background was much more visible and you could see the detail in the trees with the sun centred creating a gentle glow in the image, from here I proceeded to take my shots.

Using these settings I proceeded to take my portrait shots, I liked the effect it created, I first tried with the sun behind my model to create a glow around them, I also used the flash gun to light up my model face creating a bright image, I then decided to take some shots with the sun to the side creating a gentle glow along the outline of my model, I didn’t like these as much as the first shots as I found them darker on one side compared to the other and didn’t like the effect they created, however I was able to create a light flare on my image which is what I was hoping to achieve.

After using the sun behind I then chose to take images using the sun as a direct light source to light the scene, I changed the power of my fash gun to emit just half power as to not over expose my model, then positioning myself as to not create shadows I was able to capture some images creating a golden glow from the sun, I was very happy with these images By using the sun I could create a reflective gold light onto my model as I could create using a gold reflector, I had chosen to take shots in a few different positions to see the effects. Using the tree as a backdrop I think took away distraction in the image, I was able to get the texture of the bark which adds character to the images and only a slight bit of background in there, not to take any attention off of the model but yet to bring in some detailing into the image.

Over all I found these images to be the best of the set, after using the trees as a prop I then looked into using other objects around me as props and background.

I chose to capture some mages positioning myself low and looking up towards my model, this enables me to capture the sky in some of my shots, giving me another background to use, I wanted to create an image using all the colours available and by standing him under a tree I could use the hanging leaves as a prop for my images, this gave a contrast of different colours in my images.

I also came across a large stone in the woods where I took the shots and had decided to use this almost as a studio prop for my model to lean against and pose, this reminds me of the indoor studio shoots you will often get when getting a children’s photo shoot, I wanted to try out this style of pose in my images U sing what I had available, I feel the image would suit that of a family photo album more than a modelling portfolio mainly because of the staged pose he is in and the quaint smile, the background looks as though it could even be a studio backdrop rather than that of the natural outdoords, for this reason although I do like the image I feel it is not best suited for the purpose of a modelling portfolio.

Using the leaves I also asked my model to pose standing relaxed, I was pleased with my background and the colours of the leaves, I found these looked great for the photo in hand, however I noticed my model was less cooperative when standing alone with out something to prop against, this made capturing these shots difficult, but I was pleased with the location in which I had chosen, looking back if I had some more natural poses where the model was less stiff and posed I could have captured some natural shots, This is my aim for my next shoot to practice with some natural shots rather than the posed ones I have this time round.

When looking back at the images I found that the ones taken with the trees are the better images, they look as though the model is comfortable and the light created a nice detailing on his face, from here I took a few images and tried them in black and white.

These images I chose to try in black and white as they had less background, I didn’t want to create too much space and wanted the focus to be directly on my subject, I feel that the one of his head shot works best, the texture of the tree in the background works well in grey scale, as well s the slight detailing beyond the trees, this adds a bit of light into the image so the blacks and greys are not too over powering.

with the light shining onto the model the highlight around them is more prominent in the black and white shots.

Overall I was happy with my shoot, I was able to practice using natural light to highlight my subject and was able to use a variety of outdoor props into my images to create detail, the images produced I feel are suitable for a modelling portfolio wit with the exception of the standing alone shots, this however I feel is down to the confidence in the model, so this gives me the opportunity to experiment further with my next shoot, creating a more relaxed image.