Looking at the National Portrait Galley shortlist for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016 images I noticed a specific style throughout, out of 4,303 submissions entered by 1,842 photographers these were the images chosen to be entered, including 2 images from the same artist; Kovi Konowiecki; I find the images to be unresponsive, almost saddening, my reasons behind this are that all images chosen were of the same style, a slouched none responsive stance and a dull glare.

National Portrait Gallery Taylor Wessing

The images entered for the competition are very different from the style of photography I have been practising in, I have chosen to take a more happier and involved approach, engaging with my subject getting them to interact with the camera thus creating a pleasant image, or what I would describe as a pleasant image.

The images from this shortlist remind me of images you would find in an article documenting ones life, more often accompanied by the despondency that they have to endure;  I base this on the desolation expressed on these peoples faces.

As my style of photography is much different to these I struggle to see why from such a wide amount of submitted images these 4 have been chosen, As I practise in happy memorable family images I would have chosen a set of images that would depict this, photos with a cheerful atmosphere, images that when viewed would bring a smile to my face.

The two images chosen with the decorative background I find distracting, I feel that it adds age onto the image, this could possibly be the look the artist was going for, however this is a look I would avoid when creating images, I feel this is mainly because I aim to create images for my clients rather than to a specific style, thus I create happy images with a delicate background to not distract the eye from the person in the image.

As each of these artists have explained their reasons behind the images taken I can see how they came to capturing the images, I myself aim to capture a untroubled image, which is why I create images with delicate colours to not cause distraction, and a cheerful smile in my subjects to show the happiness, to create an illusion of the joy forever captured in an image, this is so my clients are able to look back on images I have taken and feel rejoiced.