I had decided to enter a competition I had found that was a free entry;

I found this competition whilst browsing Photo contest insider

cru photography

I decided to enter this competition as it had a people category,  I submitted my image and then wrote about why I had chosen this particular one.


This image is of my 21 year old Brother, my mother asked me to do a few shots with him as he had been feeling low and self conscious, he suffers with autism and often struggles with everyday scenarios such as travelling on a bus. He feels at home on his own and enjoys walks in the woods, so I had decided to take him to the place he feels most comfortable, this hot of him I captured right at the end of the day as the sun was setting and managed to get the first smile of the shoot from him, the image is important to my mother as she wanted a photo of him enjoying life not worrying about it.
I named this shot ‘at one with nature’ as this is where he feels most comfortable.