I have been looking into the Creative Industries Economy Estimates, January 2016 Key Findings to evaluate the market in which photography is a part of and the extent to which it is populated in today’s market;

Creative Industries Economic Estimates Jan 2016

According to the Creative Industries Economic Estimates, January 2016 Statistical Release data, key findings for 2014 stated that The Gross value of the Creative Industries was £84.1bn in 2014 and accounted for 5.2 per cent of the UK economy.

Statistics demonstrate that employment in the creative economy highest statistic is in advertising, marketing and performance, however combining the photography stats  with the advertising section and publishing should mean that employment into either section is possible. Employer seek diversity. My specialised area could then possibly be restrictive however if I attempt to look for other resources to promote my photography and research then I will stand a very good chance of gaining employment or owning my own photography business. Additionally, this research does not give information about running a Wedding Photography Business which is an investigation I am pursuing.

What Buyers want from Photographers it states that Art Directors make up 25.9% of the share in participant earnings, with personal projects weighing in regarding decision making for the hiring of photographers comes in at 67.3%. Perspective employers would seem to be interested in photographers who have their own agendas when it comes to taking photographs. However, there is a consideration on whether or not these personal projects are a requirement for the businesses in hand.

The industry in which I am working to be a part of then is a very popular and wide market area, to be able to succeed in this sector I need to investigate what consumer what from a photographer, to gain a higher chance of being chosen to be that particular person for the job in hand, thus I will need to look into what people expect from the images produced and how to make sure I maintain a continuous body of work suitable for consumer needs;

To enable me to gather all the relevant information to develop in the sector I want to succeed in I have taken the opportunity to create a survey I have provided to as many customers I could, I contacted past clients via phone in order to ask them to complete a short survey I had put together to see what they were looking for in a photographer and why they had chosen me, this then enabled me to look at the findings and develop from the statistics, as well as my own clients I also asked for details of friends and family who would be willing to also take part in the survey, this provided me with 2 sets of findings to base my work on, that of my own clients and that of non clients.

Below Is a table of findings from my survey, this information I have used to develop during my shoots, with the use of different backgrounds, lighting techniques and positioning;

Client Survey of Photography Services Expected – 10 customers asked
importance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Backgorund colours ii i i ii iii i
Indoor shoots i ii i i ii iii
Outdoor shoots iii i i i iii i
Full Family Portrait i i ii iiiiii
Single portraits i ii iii i i iii
Affordability i ii iiiiiii
Other (Please Specify) i
One Client Specified that  a quick shoot was quite important as she was a mother of young children that are easily distracted and become restless
Photography Services Expected – non clients – 7 people asked
Background Colours i i ii ii i
Indoor Shoots i i ii ii i
Outdoor Shoots i i ii ii i
Full Family Portrait ii i iiii
Single Portraits i i i ii ii
Affordability ii ii iii
Other (Please Specify) i
I had one person tell me that it is important that the processing time is fast as she didn’t like to wait for her images

I asked the people I had surveyed on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not very important 10 being very important) how important each of the above aspect were when considering a Photographer.

I then used these findings to evaluate my shoots, using the table I noticed the most important aspect of all the people who took part was the price, this although is something I cannot change when it comes to photographing gave me a good incentive to make sure I keep my prices affordable to gain customers.

I also noticed that a full family portrait rather then single shots was a preferred style of photography when it comes to Portrait Photography.

The background I have been using on some of my shots, other than outdoor scenery has been either a plain white or black background, which is why I had asked about the colour of the background in the images, my findings on this wee varied, although it does seem quite important to have a different coloured background when taking images, this I will bring into my future shoots.

I also had mention of the quickness of both the shoot and the processing time of the images, two separate people had mentioned that it is also important to them on the time it takes to have the shoot as well as the time it takes to process the images from the shoot, I will therefore continue to get shoots done as quickly but efficiently as possible while trying to work to a high quality to produce images for my customers.