Looking through competitions and entry requirements I have decided to compare the current techniques to my own techniques used during my project; Although have not had the funds required to enter said competitions I have been able to produce a body of work that I could of submitted  based on themes and requirements;

International Photography Award 2016 British journal of Photography

This particular Competition asks for substantial interconnected body of work, including at least 10 images and a maximum of 30 images, as well as statement that must be under 1500 characters in length.

If I was to submit for this competition I could use a body  of image I have produced based around the dance academy I have been photographing, in this series I would include images shot from the homes on one of the dancers during a personal shoot, which include the preparation of the dancer before er competition, the shots created for the dancers I had taken during a photo shoot set up specifically for the parents and then the competition images I shot whilst they were on stage, not to mention the awards ceremonies after. The reason for me choosing this specific set of images would be to showcase everything that is entailed in being a child dancer, having to live up to the expectations of your parents, and enduring the preparations beforehand getting makeup applied outfits fastened correctly and hair in a perfect bun, then the memorabilia that is created from this such as the photo shoots the children are then taken too to preserve them and their achievements, as well as the strict dance routines they are to complete and with as little error as possible, and finally the trophies, this then separates the winning children from the loosing children, a public display of  achievement. The images I have taken show the journey of the children from getting ready to winning, these accurately portray what the parents want from their children.

The Images I chose are a range of shots for the dance academy I have been working with, they correctly depict a day in the life of a child dancer, from getting ready up to the awards at the end of the day. Images of the dancers during their dance sequences have been chosen because I have captured the perfect stance, containing things such as pointed toes and straight backs, these are the moves their teachers and parents are watching for, to ensure they have preformed to their utmost best ability.

I feel this set of images I could enter into the above competition as it complies with the requirements needed, a strong set of images that portray a series based on child dancers.

I also looked at the portrait of Britain, which is a series of photographs from selected artists that have created portraits that capture the young and the old, reflecting not just the multiformity of British people, but also the myriad of styles and approaches to contemporary photographic portraiture.

portrait of Britain

The images used are portraits of people all over the UK, photographed in their own setting to their own style, the image I would use from my imaged taken during my project would be from my set of outdoor portrait shoots I had taken, my reason for this is that I had taken the images for a lady who had asked for a portfolio of her son, to boost his confidence and have something to be proud of, she wanted me to capture him just as he was in his own clothes somewhere where he often visits, as a reminder to him of who he is, as a quiet shy teenager he often feels low and self conscious so she wanted him to have something that would show him how he is to other people and that he had nothing to feel self conscious about.


I decided to choose this image from my set as I found that he looked content and comfortable, I used the natural light in the image to highlight the scene and found that it created a nice glow and added character to my image, using the outdoors as a backdrop for mt image i was able to capture him in the setting he enjoyed the most, meaning that not only have I been able to show the personality of the person I have also been able to capture his interests within the photograph as well.

I have also looked at;

World Photo Organisation Student Entry

Although this would have been an amazing opportunity unfortunately our University is not a qualifying participant of this competition;

If I was to submit an image for this I would have also chosen to add the single portrait image of the teenager in the park, I feel this image says a lot about the person and holds quite a significant reference, as an image that has been requested from the subjects mother, it hold a lot of sentimental values which is what I aim to capture during my project with me focusing on capturing memories.

Shoot the frame

The above competition has some fantastic portrait entries, the images submitted have such detail in them, many with vibrant colours, I was drawn to these images due to the vast variety of images entered, there is no set form in which they need to be taken meaning that any entry is a possible winner, I think that to enter an image I would need to expand on my creativity and produce an image that is different from my style and experiment in a more modern approach to photography, creating not a family style portrait but a contemporary one.