As part of my final year I am developing a presentation for Pro Practise, Here I have gone through all the opportunities I have come across during my brief and the techniques applied, as well as work experience and testing;

My project has been based on expanding my area of expertise from the wedding industry to families and other family events; I have been capturing such moments as family portraits, dance events and outdoor portfolio shoots, using these skills as well as my prior knowledge of wedding photography I am able to expand on my area of expertise and offer other methods of photography.

As I have always enjoyed shooting during a wedding I find that my skills are transferable into this new venture, By working with people during my wedding shoots I have gained the ability to converse with people and interact with them whilst they are in front of the camera, making it easier to complete my new business venture into family portraiture.

I have recently signed a contract with a dance academy, which involves me taking photographs of the dancers in photo shoots, competitions and during rehearsals meaning I have gained some knowledge in what they are expecting from the images, thus being able to create images to their specific needs and produce a body of work that relates to the client.

The portraiture industry is mainly from secured photographic studios meaning that this type of photography is mainly available when you can travel to the studio for sessions, however I have adapted to the location in which my client is based, in this case I have travelled to a dance studio and theatre with equipment to capture the dancers in their domain, this opens up a opportunity in the market to be a travelling photographer able to offer the studio experience to those who can travel to or even afford the studio settings.

As part of my project I have taken part in assisting during a studio shoot, I helped with lighting, positioning of the models and even took some images, I was able to engage with the clients interacting with them to find their preferred stance, get their personality to be shown in the images and created a calm atmosphere, meaning that they were relaxed and connected during the shoot, this made shooting the images much more enjoyable, by interacting with them I was able to get their inner selves to show and capture their personality as well as just the visual persona.

As well as taking part in portraiture shoots I also attended a wedding fair to showcase some of my work so far, this enabled me to engage with new potential clients and interact with other companies in the same sector, I was able to get a few business contacts and cards as well as hand out some of my own to both businesses and potential clients, from this I also took part in photographing the fair for the event organiser, these images were to be used as part of a promotion for the company to advertise both their business as well as the other businesses that attended the fair.