Looking at my short description of myself based on the issues I have come across in my brief I have developed a longer more detailed description of myself as a photographer, basing my description on what makes me the photographer I have become during my time at university;

Who am I?

I enjoy capturing all those hard to see moments, the visual representations of family life, and being able to be a part of the celebrations of others, capturing the happiness of families is something I thrive on, being part of a once close nit family I remember all those moments as a child that you pick up on, things such as grandparents napping in the chair at Christmas with a slanted paper crown from the cracker pulled at the dinner table a few hours earlier and endless hours of fun chasing siblings and cousins around the front room with the turkey bone that the dog had stolen from a relatives plate! These memories although I will keep forever as a memory locked away in my mind I have no visual representative or photographic proof of, which has lead me onto the path I am on currently; As we get older families often drift apart as do memories and I feel it is important to have these moments captured for when people no longer see each other as much or for when loved ones have passed away, being able to look back I feel is something we should all do as often as possible as I believe it keeps happiness growing within the family unit.

capturing memories using cameras has been a passion of mine since I began taking nightclub images in 2012 I found people loved engaging with the camera and became relaxed, showing their inner selves, from here I moved on to wedding photography, offering my services to family and friends and then progressing from there, I love to capture the true happiness of people during their most treasured moments whether it be at a wedding, during a family shoot or a celebration or event, I feel family moments can be captured during any occasion and  I aim to get every aspect of the day captured to produce a body of work that represents personal celebrations and achievements. I will always endeavour to create images fit for the purpose intended and am always willing to experiment in new styles.

By working with families I feel I can be myself, and enjoy the atmosphere around me, which is why I began with wedding photography as my first step into freelance, although many find that this side of photography can be stressful and time consuming, and it is! I feel that all that is often over shadowed by the enjoyment of seeing all the happiness that the day brings, family events and celebrations are possibly one of the more cheerful aspects of photography and although this is followed by hours of editing, I look forward to hearing how pleased clients are with my work, It helps to boost my confidence when hearing that my work has brought something special to someone, by presenting people with memories I feel I am contributing to something worthwhile.

My short term plan is to foremost complete my University degree, and begin my solo career as a wedding and family portrait photographer.

Midterm plan is to start looking into a part time job as a photography assistant in a studio to get a feel for portrait photography in a professional work space, using this as a stepping stone to further my portraiture career.

Long term I hope to be a successful freelance photographer offering both wedding and portrait photography from my own premises, enjoying my job and earning a comfortable wage in doing so.