I had taken a portrait shoot as part of my brief to capture a family portrait, during this shoot I had decided to capture the family indoors with the used of a home studio kit, which consists of; background kit, with adjustable stands, 2 fabric backdrops, 1.6 x 3 meters, 3 clamps, 2 studio photo light stands, 2 125w photography bulbs and 2 soft box umbrellas.

I set up my kit and proceeded to test the lighting and white balance, using the controls on the camera, as the lights in the kit have only on and off rather than low to high settings I needed to find the best settings for the lighting I had to work with, using a flash gun and the two photography bulbs I had decided to set the f stop at f8 using the lighting available I then adjusted the ISO to 1600 as this gave a brighter clearer image.

I found that the lights provided were not as powerful as I had hoped, creating shadows during my shoot, I moved the lights to face the background to create more background light and eliminate as much shadows as possible, using the flash to fill in the darkened parts of the home studio I had set up.

Whilst working with the children I found that controlling them in such a small space became difficult and that to get the best images having just one or two at a time in the images made it both easier to get them all in the image and to keep their attention on the camera, the single images of the children I feel were better images, this is because I could get closer in the each individual child and found that keeping them engaged  was much easier.

I found that having a portable studio made it easier for me to go to the clients with out having to pay out expensive rental fees on a studio for hire, it also meant that the clients were able to have access to their own toys and have the comfort of their home during the shoot, with children I noticed that having quick access to things such as nappies and personal toys was a big help, it kept them entertained whilst I was taking individual images of the other children.

By bringing the studio to the clients I can then cut the costs of a  studio meaning I will save more money per shoot and be able to charge affordable prices to clients who cant afford the expense of a studio shoot.

However by using the smaller studio light I found the quality wasn’t as good as it would have been in a professional studio, meaning the lighting and settings were not as easily adjustable, this then caused problems when taking he images, I had to keep adjusting the positioning of the lighting to get the correct amount of light onto my clients to eliminate the shadows.

After my shoot I will be editing my images to make sure that the images are fit for purpose, meaning I will be trying to smooth the background out to remove the wrinkles of the backdrop, I noticed this occurred when using the white  material backdrop however the black backdrop showed less creases in the images and I feel made a better image, the darker background made the children stand out more, the only problem however was that with the dull lighting the hair faded into the background.

In conclusion I feel that the portable studio makes the process cheaper and more convenient for the customer but can cause problems with quality of the images produced, by investing in some professional studio lighting that I can take along with me I feel I can produce images that will look like they would if taken in a professional studio.