During my project I have Researched a variety of techniques including how to promote a business through my work, I have used the following information to advertise myself, gain customers and contacts as well as using this information as research in my other briefs such as pro practise;

I have been working on getting my business noticed through the use of social media, and have come up with reasons for using this type of promotional advertisement;

  • to get the word out about my products and services in a way that promotes online conversation.
  • Keep an eye on what other people and sites are saying about your  company online – and fix any problems, if necessary.
  • Use messenger to answer questions professionally, honestly, and correctly, which will earn you respect as an expert in your vocation and put people at ease.
  • Customers need to trust before purchasing – people trust their friends and loved ones more than anyone else. So, if they hear from someone trustworthy about your services the chances are higher that they’ll buy from you. Marketing your business by word pf mouth is possibly the best way to gain business.
  • Build relationships with customers and potential customers. Trust comes through honesty and sincerity.
  • Being able to compete with larger companies on the internet, this would have been unseen before the use of social media enabling you to climb up to business ladder.
  • Increase link ablility, the more you can get your name out their on social media the higher the chance of people being able to click on you from a suggested add.
  • Much cheaper and more accessible, as majority social media sites are free this makes advertising much more obtainable to those who don’s have a vast amount of funds.
  • If you’re not high enough in the search engines for potential customers to find you, they can still find you through social media, keeping your name unique makes it easier to find you through this way of searching.

I have made many connections using social media and find that this is my main way of bringing in customers, I have been able to show my work and get my name out their and through previous customers I have been able to get a good reputation and have gained business from word of mouth, as well as recommendations both through social media and through word of mouth alone.

Above you can see how I have managed to promote my business through the use of social media, through using a Facebook page I have been able to gain a following of clients, through here they can contact me via email, phone and messenger to ask me questions and book in appointments, After creating my site on social media I had chosen to add the town in which I am based, this now enables me to become top of the search list on google, by be coming the only ‘Km Photography Bradford’.

As well as been easily found through Google search engine and Facebook I have also placed my business on google maps, meaning people can leave reviews and new customers can find ‘photographers near them’ this opens up more opportunities to gain new customers.

Using online services I have been able to talk with customers to arrange meetings with them via a number of different communication methods;

Having a number of communication methods means that contacting me is easily accessible to everyone, although I have had to create a log to keep all emails, call, messages and texts logged down as to not forget any communications I have had with clients, I have also noted all appointments down as i have received them using an easily accessible phone calendar that I can back up to my online gmail account meaning all appointments and communications will be forever logged in case I ever need to look back and refer to anything discussed.