This year I have taken on a contract with a dance academy to be their photographer and travel with them to reward ceremonies, dance competitions and photo shoots.

I have been taking images of the kids from the academy while they have been receiving awards at their personal ceremony, going along with them to talent competitions to capture them during their dances and then have also arranged to attend a big photo shoot of the full academy.

My job role has been to produce images on site by printing out photos taken on the night/day of the children to sell copies to the mum/dads of the students, I have also been editing images for their webpage of the academy for the dance teacher, and visiting the mums and dads to show the images taken of their children.

I have found this new role both challenging but rewarding, as this is the first time I have taken part in something like this I feel there is much room for improvement, I have been looking into dance photography and how to capture the perfect image, Although the dance mums have been very satisfied with my work, I feel There is still room for improvement as I plan on expanding from here to offer my services to many more opportunities such as this.

whilst taking part in my dance shoots I have noticed the the need for a smiley, posed or determined photograph, many mums have approached me and asked for me to capture the smiles of their children often encouraging them to do ‘big smiles’ for the camera, as well as including certain poses, hand on hips, pointed toes etc, to capture the discipline of the stance of their children, this is almost an image for the mother rather than the child to prove to her self that she has achieved perfection with her child, the need to be better than others, if their child has the best pose, hair/makeup, smile then they ultimately feel as though they have gained a status.