During my project I have created a proposal based on the ideas I wanted to bring forward in my photography, I had chosen to capture images based on lifestyle portraiture, by venturing into portraiture style photography with the aim to capture the lifestyles of the people I have chosen to photograph in scenarios such as birthdays, events, achievements, goals, etc.

Lifestyle Portraiture refers to portraits where emphasis is given to suggest the living style of the individuals represented. Technically it is a combination of an environmental portrait and a candid portrait where the image is captured at the moment as well as a posed photograph.  More value is given to communicate the feeling of life experience of the subject.  It is also common to see this style used in wedding photography, which is where I am linking my project to my own personal genre of photography.

I am looking into how photography effects social mobility, how the photograph can capture an image to show the movement of the families social incline and why it is important; families through out the years have captured special moments to showcase to other family members or friends as a way of showing their individual or family achievements. Recently social media plays a big part in presenting others with images that show friends and family these achievements they have made, almost to show off their lifestyles and compete with others on social media.

The images I will be taking will reflect on the need for people to show off, creating images that they would like to show on social media, be it a family photograph, portrait shoot or an image photographed at an event, I want to capture images people are more likely to be proud of, an image that portrays them as who they want other to see them as, a confident person/family, in essence a good image that shows where they are or where they feel they are in life.

By taking lifestyle images I will be capturing all these moments that are seen as important to the public, much like wedding photography, family occasions and events represent a family achievement that others feel the need to share, to keep and to look back on, these remind people of the good times through out their lives together.

capturing memories has always been important in families, which leads me to the question why is it important to capture a happy family photograph?

We often look through family albums to see happy occasions and events, to reflect on the good times we have all shared together but rarely will we grab an album from a sad event such as a funeral, or a bad time in our lives that depict poverty or depression, family photographs are to document the happy scenarios that we experience as a family these images will be accompanied by our own stories and memories, memories are powerful and tie us to people, places, and emotions. Preserving these memories for the days when we may not remember or can’t remember, or might just need reminded of, these can be a beacon of hope for our future.

By taking photographs of children we are saving memories that they may forget in adolescence meaning that those specific memories will be captured for ever, to show to them, and for them to show to others, to hold onto their achievements and happiness and maybe to feel a sense of accomplishment, maybe even inspiring them to create an equally happy or happier life for their children.

We can also capture times that include people that are no longer with us, creating a both sad but happy memory, with out family photographs this would not be possible, we would’t be able to look back on the family moments we had with loved ones who have passed.