As part of my project I had been asked by Shannon in my photography ourse to assist her in a shoot she had arranged with the media students.

My role was to help set up the lighting, and to meter the location. I also helped with getting the media students to stand in the correct place, getting them engaged in the shoot and making sure everything was set up correctly.

I started of by setting up the 2 main lights with the large soft boxes she wanted facing the backdrop, and onto the subjects, we decided to have them both on full power and tested a few shots, as there was no meter available we needed to fire off a few test shots to see how the images came out, Shannon had set the camera to f5.6 as 100 iso, shooting at 1/125th or a second which produced a very bright image, she wasnt happy with how this had turned out so we had decided to try again changing the f stop to f8, this time the image was only slightly over exposed so after changing the settings once again we had decided that shooting with the soft boxes on full power and the camera on f11 at 100 iso this created the look she was going for.

We continued to shoot the images as she wanted, getting head shots of the media students, I kept the soft boxes in the correct positioning and helped to maneuver the students as she needed them.

After she had taken the head shots Shannon had asked me to step in and help with the group photos, she had decided to ask me to help as I was confident in interaction with the students to get them to do the poses and positions necessary, I asked for the groups to step forward and after asking what their roles were in the play they were apart of I had decided on the best positions to portray their characters.

After getting the groups in the correct stance I took the image but felt that the background was rather dark, I then decided to turn on the beauty bulb and faced it towards the backdrop, this provided a nice glow at the back of the group and also highlighted the couple in the back, bringing the whole image together, both Shannon and the group were happy with the way the images turned out.

Below are some of the unedited images taken during the shoot, these are the group images I had shot during the shoot.


The idea behind the shoot was to bring out the character that the media students were playing, to portray who they are to be during their play, I had decided to talk to them and ask about their characters to find out how to show this in the images. The play was described to me as ‘whacky’ and thus I decided to have a bit of fun with the shoot by getting everyone to act silly, in some of the group shots they have all shown a bit of their persona for the play, for example the image with the red haired girl is looking concerned at the boy on the floor is showing her caring for him as they would in the play, he is a child in the play which is why I had decided to keep him low to the floor to show his adolescence and her comforting him to show her motherly instincts.

I was happy with how the shoot had turned out and enjoyed working alongside Shannon and helping over come problems that occurred with lighting, I feel confident in talking to people during shoots but felt this was a good way to try and bring a character into the images, by asking about who they were supposed to be it enabled me to use that information to create a scene.