As part of my project this year I have decided to focus on a new trend in wedding photography as I had explained in my proposal, a trend known as ‘trash the dress’ or ‘wreck the dress’. I had looked into the pros and cons of doing this type of photography as a wedding photographer, as this is a relatively new trend that has popped up over the past couple of years I risk becoming a part of a ‘trend’ that often tend to fade out with time;

So I had decided to look into the new and old mixture of trends in weddings today, During a wedding shoot I did recently I documented the many traditions you often come across in wedding celebrations currently, I captured the more traditional wedding shots you often find through out photography over the years as well as the emerging trends that have erupted over the more recent years.

I decided to do this to show how to handle diversity at a wedding, although I have been able to capture images that truly depict a wedding as we all know it, I have also been able to capture new trends and fads that people often aspire to for their own wedding day, by capturing both sides of a new age wedding I can create portfolios to appeal to both styles of weddings, keeping the attention of more traditional customers whilst still catering to the needs of the bold clientele.

Fist off below are a set of images I have taken focusing on the traditional parts of a wedding that we have all become accustomed to.

In my traditional images I have included, The giving and receiving of rings; this is a tradition in which rings are exchanged following a vow made by the bride and groom, they symbolise that a promise has been given, over the years many different traditions have come and gone but this one has stayed, the rings are used in majority of today’s ceremony’s to symbolise the marriage, this is a tradition that is an important part of the wedding thus making it an important image to capture, as most weddings have this tradition this is an image that will appeal to most people when looking into wedding photography.

I have also included the signing of the register,this tradition is more of a signing of an official contract to legalise the marriage and confirm that the couple are indeed married legally, this tradition although may not always be photographed will always be present at a wedding as it is needed by law to complete the marriage, although the image is often taken majorly in the same way, over the years I have found the bride and groom often request the presents of other family members in the photograph, as well as large group photos during the signing, this I find is relatively new to wedding photography.

The cutting of the cake, is an old tradition that is present in majority of weddings today but has often been adapted to become a more unique tradition including brides or grooms throwing the cut cake into their new spouses face, this is a more lively tradition adapted from the more traditional cake cutting by the new couple.

I have included in my images, the speech of the best man, this tradition is very much still apparent in all new age weddings, the speech however has mainly moved on from a heart warming congratulations for the couple followed by a toast to a more comical speech delving into to the lives of the couple.

My last two images include the kiss, this is often taken as part of the ceremony as this would have been the couples ‘first kiss’ after they are wed and the first dance together; although these traditions are still alive today, they are rarely the first time the couple engage in these acts, as today’s lifestyles now differ from the old fashion lifestyles where the couple engage in their ‘firsts’ on their wedding night, we still keep hold of these traditional moments in our weddings despite the meaning behind these not being quite so traditional but more of requirement for a wedding album, as these type of images are believed to be the main parts of a wedding ceremony.

After looking at the traditional images during a wedding ceremony I then decided to look at he new traditions creeping into weddings, below are some images I find to be emerging trends in wedding photography;

The images I have chosen for the new trends in wedding photography include the many poems and personalised gimmicks you can now see present at weddings today, these things such as the seating plans, requests for the day etc are a funny but polite way to ask your guests to follow certain rules, This seems to be something that has been present in weddings now for a few years, although not traditional are a sought after part for many brides and grooms.

I have also included in the images, the customised pumps for the bride, this is very much a new tradition where the bride will wear pumps rather than dress shoes with her dress, this I feel is more of a preference of the couple rather than a tradition.

I have chosen to also add images of the group photo and the couple photo where a bit of comedy had been added rather than the seriousness of the family photos you can normally see in wedding images, people often like to add a bit of laughter in their images to go above other standard images taken on the wedding day, this I feel is a way of ‘outdoing’ others or having something different on your day that you can show people to day you ‘did it differently’.

Sweet tables have become a growing trend within the wedding industry with the buffet style sweet tables becoming a popular part of wedding parties, often to keep the children quiet! these tables have become popular in the last few years.

And finally the releasing of doves, something now used to symbolise the partnership of the newly wed couples, as doves will mate for life with their chosen partner, seems to be a extra at some weddings, to show the extravagance of their wedding party.