During my project I have decided to experiment in new age wedding photography which includes ‘wreck the dress’ type images.

I have to look into the different type of market in which these images are required and who wants these images?

Wedding photography from the very beginning has always been very intimate, the wedding images include the loving bond and ties that bring together two people who are now set to continue their life journeys together, however the wedding industry is dramatically changing and I now have to ask myself wether weddings are becoming a fad and an excuse to try new styles and outrageous gimmicks to outdo other weddings?

I have noticed that weddings are dramatically becoming more adventurous and extravagant introducing new trends and traditions that have now become the must have ‘image’ to get on your wedding day, meaning the market is expanding.

I have decided to experiment in this new style of image to expand my skills and gain knowledge in new trends, this however is not always something everyone wants on their wedding day, thus I must be able to create both traditional style images and a modern take to enable me to move with the market and be able to cater to all the needs of the brides and grooms, by sticking to the same style of image I am in danger of becoming limited to a specific clientele but by expanding on the style of image I produce I can also be in danger of scaring  away any possible clients that would prefer to have the traditional style of wedding shots.

I now have to look into what type of people prefer what style of photography, do the more wealthy clients prefer to stick to the delicate traditional soft wedding images as we have seen throughout the years, or are they more inclined to go all out and get a colourful exciting new style? Maybe the less wealthy clients prefer to create the most extravagant wedding on a budget or possibly stick to an affordable simple style of wedding?

By knowing who matches each genre I can then adapt my advertising and my approach to gain the attention of the correct clients so I can continue to poach business regardless to taste.

To find out all the answers to keep my ideas fresh and inventive and directed to the right clients I will need to find out what type of people are getting married and how they are doing it, by researching wedding styles, preferences and tables on popularity of different genres by browsing wedding forums, magazines, social media and by conducting my own surveys.