Specialist Techniques & Processes Year 3

Self-initiated Proposal/Brief

As my interest is in wedding photography I have decided to focus my project this year on wedding photography and the surrounding genres with this type of industry; I want to explore the possibilities of combining wedding photography with an artistic approach, can wedding Photography be exiting and diverse?

To do this my project this year will be surrounding my project on the new trend of ‘wreck the dress’ usually for brides after their wedding or even following a divorce! Along with the ‘cake smash’ shoots for children’s birthdays and other celebrations.

I want to be able to create images with a design/creativity to them and a story within an image, I believe that an image should be more than just the purpose it is created for, it should create a feeling often linked with a story developed in the mind from the image.

As I have had experience with wedding photography I have been able to try different styles and techniques in some of my shots, although many photographs are produced mainly for the client I feel it is important to experiment with my style during the process, this is an approach I will be using during my module when the opportunity arrises however this will not be my main focus as I will be planning shoots around work already booked in.

I want to be able to show that wedding photography has many other options than the traditional sense, making images stand out and bring a sense of creativity. My audience will mainly focus on younger females between the ages of 18 and 30 as well as mothers/fathers of young children. I want to try a ‘wreck the dress’ style shoot to attract the attention of another audience using something that relates to the younger women in the wedding industry almost like a new trend, I think that a new age style of wedding photography is more likely to attract the attention of women interested in fashion and something new and engaging but wanting to combine their interests with photographs I can produce for their album, by creating an after shoot of what happens to the dress once the wedding is over.

As well as creating a new style with my wedding photography I want to be able to capture other scenarios using the same approach, for example ‘cake smash’ photo shoots using babies and children, by setting up the same style of photography to the ‘wreck the dress’ I am keeping my project shoots similar but still providing myself with the opportunity to advertise another sector in my business.

I will be creating images using creative places, ranging from beautiful country sides to back streets/alley ways and even backdrops in a studio setting, the reason for this is when looking through similar shoots the backgrounds can vary from delicate backgrounds to more vibrant and unusual. By using a range of different settings this can give me a variety of different shots but yet creating a unique approach to wedding albums, family albums and children’s albums this could create an opening for people wanting something far from traditional, and creating an opportunity for me to offer different styles for different clients in future, meaning that I can offer my services to two completely different types of couples as well as extending my clientele to families also.

By using a more modern approach to photography I can move with the times and keep my work new and exciting, this raises the question, can photography change style? By experimenting in different styles I will be able to see if the images I produce can still be seen as ‘wedding images’ and ‘portraits’ or if I can create something that links both industries then I may be able to expand my skills into another sector as well as the wedding industry. Magazines often take fashionable, new age style shoots for their images to advertise wedding dresses, as well as children’s clothes I believe they do this to attract the attention of the younger generation and show the creative look that the item of clothing has to offer. if I take images like this then not only can I create images to suit different styles but creates an opportunity to work with magazines and fashion photographers.

Issues I know I am bound to come across with this type of approach will be the reliance on others to attend organised shoots, as I will need models or even real brides to create my images I can never be sure that I will always have the person or people there when needed, to overcome this issue I will be compiling multiple shoots into my weeks to make sure I have more than enough willing models and shoots to experiment with, this way I can gain knowledge and skills and crate a portfolio of images needed without the worry of losing too many days for cancellations.

Other issues that could occur can be such things as not being able to use the opportunity to experiment with someone’s photo shoot as I have some weddings and after sessions I will be photographing at this year I will be hoping to bring my ideas into practise, however when photographing for a client their styles may vary, times can be shorter and I may not be able to get the shots I want, this however is not something that could set me back too much but will be good practise never the less, although I am aiming to get the shots I want during these shoots that are already planned I won’t be disheartened too much if my images are not what I required as the planned shoots will enable me to create a portfolio of usable images based on my project.