I decided to have a go at cutting out an image in Photoshop using the pen tool, I decided to look online for advice and began to edit my image.


After viewing the online information I set out to try it for myself.

I began by choosing an image found online for my background;

pink flowers background

I then used this image for my background to my cut out, I began by using the pen selection tool and selecting around the model in my image, I then used the refine edge tool to select the areas where the background was still visible through her hair, setting the radius to 2 to refine the edge and adjusting the smoothness.

I then clicked on the brush tool to and began to add in any missing strands from the background. Brushing around the hair I then went over the areas where the background was visible through the strands, I then duplicated the mask and used the brush tool to fill in these areas.

Once I felt happy with the detail of the hair I then opened up the background I wanted to use and cropped it to size, I then added it behind the background copy so that it was in place. I created a soft blur using lens blur in the filter option to create a shallow depth of field in my background.

Once I had added the background to my image I then decided to use the clone stamp tool to help eliminate any odd bits I had missed so that the original colours from the previous background were no longer available.


With the help of some internet research I found It reasonably easy to change the background of my image using the pen tool, although It wasn’t perfect straight away I still managed to use other tools in Photoshop to help me finish off my image.

Here is the result of cutting out my image with the use of the pen tool.

Edited image using pen tool .jpg

I was happy with my finished image, although I think it may take me a while to get used to using this technique I will definitely be using this in future images if needed.

This could be a useful idea when creating images for people, I can take images on a plain background and create a new scene for them, and picture them in a new location or  with a background of their choice.