I decided to have a go at using the pen tool to crop out an image and then replace the background.

I looked online for some tutorials as well as downloading some information on how it works, I then began to have a go my self.

I began by going around the outline of the person in my image, then using the above tutorial I anchored points so that I could adjust my lines to fit more accurately.

Even though I had just watched the tutorial video I still found this part harder than I had expected, I couldn’t seem to get the lines accurate, I found using the anchor points to move the lines I would often make a over exaggeration and either make the line too big or not curved quite enough.

After I had spent quite a while getting the outline to the best I could I then selected the image and filled in the background, this enabled me to get rid of the background and left me with my cut out image.

To get my image onto another background I looked for an image I already had, I decided to choose an image taken from a wedding ceremony and placed the image in front after selecting it and moving it onto the background  I had chosen, I had some problems with this as the image I had cut out was quite larger than the image I was placing it on, I had re sized both images but still came across this problem.

After I had finally managed to get a decent sized image I then added this on top of my background.

pen tool edit.jpg I really wasn’t happy with my final result, I found using this technique really confusing and time consuming, I found that when using the selection tool I could get my images selected and moved much quicker and found it easier, However I feel with a bit of time and practise I could better my skills with the pen tool, for now I would most definitely be using the selection tool to cut out my images but will be trying again with the pen tool so I can gain experience using this selection.

I think also after I had finished with my cut out that I noticed the image I had used was not as sharp as I had wanted, this then effected the quality of my final image, I will therefore me more mindful of which images I will use to cut out using this technique. Had I blurred the background using lens blur then the image may have looked a little more realistic.