For my last shoot I arranged with a make up artist to come into the studio in Bradford college to do a shoot on a model she had brought with her, her brief as like mine was based around bridal make up, as I have been shooting to capture the beauty of a bride this worked perfectly.

She first prepared the model ready whilst I got the equipment set up in the studio, We were going to have close up make up shots and full face images so I set up the lighting for this.

I used a large soft box to illuminate the models face and then positioned two back-lights facing the backdrop to give us a nice bright background then metered the are when the model was ready.

I started off taking a few test shots so I knew the make up artist was happy with the set up and then we began to take a number of different shots with the model looking up towards the light and with her eyes closed to get a shot of her full make up.

I asked the make up artist to help out with some of the images, I needed her to hold a reflector below the model to bounce back some of the light on to her face to eliminate the under chin and nose shadows.

the images in the shoot I felt went really well, I managed to get all the shots I was after and able to get the make up shots for the media make up artist as well, both she and the model were pleased with the outcome of the shoot.

Once I had finished the shoot I then took my images to be edited, I didn’t want to change them too much as I was able to get the look I was after on camera, I decided to edit the raw files before opening the image into Photoshop, some images I had adjusted the exposure slightly, as the model changed position shadows would often occur and by adjusting this on the RAW file I was able to overcome this problem, after looking through my images I selected a few shots I felt that were in focus and had the correct composition to edit.

These are the images that the make up artist chose to put into her portfolio for her project, she liked how I had captured the make up from all sides.

After the shoot I then began to take some images of her and her little girl, This I had not taken part in before and found that doing mummy & baby shoots was quite enjoyable, this is something I can add to my portfolio for future possible jobs, it shows I can be versatile and will put my hand to anything, By continuing to learn new ways of taking photos then I am helping myself grown in experience which is something that employers will look for in a candidate.