I decided to choose 6 images in total for my final images, The reason I have chosen the following was because as my brief was to capture the beauty of the bride on her wedding day I needed some images that will portray this, I wanted a close up of the brides face and found these 6 images best fit my brief;

My first Image is that of my studio shoot of the bride in her dress, I wanted a nice shot of her bridal make up and managed to get a very detailed shot of her with her eyes closes, I had asked her to face her shoulder towards me and bring her head over her shoulder, this gives the look a comfortable look almost as if the bride feels proud, this feeling would come with someone who feels content and happy, as the image is to portray a bride on her wedding day and the feelings that go with that I wanted to get some character in my image.

I had used a large soft box directly facing the model highlighting her face and had two spot lights at he rear that lit up the rest of the scene ever so slightly, this gave the soft shadows cascading around her shoulder, I though this created a image suitable for a true beauty shot that you may see within a magazine which would be good for me to have that option for when I start to look for more photography related work.

I edited the image in Photoshop, adjusting the colour balance to give the pink tint to the image, I feel this created a really feminine touch and created a soft delicate look to my image, I don’t think I could have made this image any better as I had managed to get the exact look I wanted.


My second Image Is another from the bridal dress shoot, In this image my model was wearing a shall around her shoulders, I wanted to get a bot of the dress and its accessories in the image so had asked her to hold the shall around her, this then added a bit of character to my image, you can now see her wedding attire and the image now has a meaning, I was happy with how just a small bit of detail can give the model in the image a description.

When looking back on the image Although I am happy with this image I could have given it a bit more character by getting the model to tilt her head slightly back, this I think would give it some disposition.

I edited the images in Photoshop to adjust the colour balance as like the previous images this time giving it a warmer feeling by bringing some yellow back into the image to take away the coldness of the original studio shot.


My next four images are of a beauty shoot that I shot in the studio also, I decided to choose this set of images to add into my final images because of  the detail I have managed to capture of the model in the images, I had worked with another Make up artist to get the images that we both needed and had managed to get a full set of images for both our briefs.

I had set up the studio lighting so that the soft box highlighted the models face and really brought out her make up detail, I also back lit the back drop to give the scene a bright background.

I had also asked the make up artist to help me with the use of a white reflector, This helped to illuminate the make up on the models face, this was the main objective of the shoot and we had managed to get the look we were after.

I decided to get some head and shoulder shots so that I could focus on her face and capture her beauty, I asked my model to pose in a range of different poses by getting her to look up, down and over her shoulder I was able to capture her from all angles, the first of the above images I had asked her to look down so I could capture her make up as I had with my first image, this illuminated her skin perfectly, with the soft box looking at her face directly the light was distributed evenly.

I had edited these images in Photoshop and adjusted the colour balance as I needed, I have decided to warm up the images and give them a colour cast to add some feature in the image.

My final image is a close up of the model from the beauty shoot, I wanted to get in close to be able to show the detailing of both the brides face and the make up that was applied, I hadn’t edited any of the models facial skin tones or blemishes, the reason for me not to do this was because I wanted to capture real beauty you get with brides rather than an adjusted image that would look more like a fashion image,  this then shows the reality of the images.


The only issues I have with this image Is that her hair is gathered on her cheek, I had decided not to alter the image in Photoshop so I didn’t take away the reality of the image I had taken. This image I liked particularly because of the sharpness of the eyes, this draws you in to the image and makes you connect with the model in the image, I liked the charisma that connects you to this image.

I am happy with my final images and feel that whilst working in the studio during my brief I have been able to extend my skills in the studio, I have no problem setting up equipment ready for a shoot and am able to determine what settings I will need, This is a good skill to have as studio assistant jobs are readily available for people with experience.

I enjoyed working in the studio more than in an outdoor setting mainly because I didn’t need to adapt to the ever changing weather, the studio was easily set up and the shoot can be done relatively quickly as the set up is stationary, However this limits the background in my images, which is why I had been practising with the cutting tools in Photoshop, although I had tried some images on different backgrounds the images I had edited using this technique I didn’t feel were as strong as the images above.