I decided that I would base my project around my preferred Photography sector – Weddings.

As I will be focusing on the beauty of weddings after I leave University to become a weding photographer, I wanted to use my skills built up within the brief to help with how I capture my images, I want to be able to capture truly amazing images so that I am able to stand out from the crowd in my business, So to do this I had decided that my images would focus entirely on the beauty of the bride.

I plan on doing this by getting close up meaningful images of the brides face, I want to get images both indoors wit the use of studio lighting and outdoors using both ambient Lighting and fill in flash, as well as the use of reflectors to bounce the light back at the model face, By high lighting the beauty of the bride this will create meaningful and desired images to potential future customers. The bride will often spend a lot of time on her hair and make up before her wedding day so that she can make sure she looks absolutely perfect on the day, this is the reason I want to show this in my images, I want to make sure I capture the true beauty that every bride desires.

I have decided that I will need to ask for the help of some of the make up artists to help me to get my models ready for my shoots, I want to capture beautiful images and will need the help of someone else to make this possible, I am in contact with some of the Make up artists from the college and plan on arranging shoots with them for both my projects and theirs.

I will be doing shoots both indoor and out door so that I can test my own capability in different settings and my ability to change to my surroundings, this will help me to expand on my skills for future job opportunities, meaning I have more than just one area of expertise.

By working with models and make up artists I have to be aware that there may be cancellations so I will have to make sure that I plan enough shoots to be sure that I’m covered on the off chance I do have difficulties arranging someone to stand in.

When editing my images I will make sure that I can highlight the beauty of the brides, by choosing to use different editing software to get the best images, adjusting the colour balance and exposure expanding on my skills as well as creating images suitable for my brief.