During my project I have been able to take a number of images from shoots both indoors and outdoors and have  a variety of different style images to fit my brief. For my brief I aimed to get a close look at the wedding dress, I wanted to capture the brides in their dresses, showing all the meaning that come with wearing a wedding dress on your wedding day, I wanted to capture both the detailing of the dress and the beauty of the bride in her dress. To do this I took images in a range of different settings, using the outdoors as a backdrop to some of my images, the inside of a church to keep with the traditional approach to weddings and then in the studio where all of the focus was entirely on the bride and her dress.

I have chosen a selection of final images for my project based on the meaning that the photograph produces and the quality of the photograph;

As well as my final images I also decided to submit some best practise images, I decided to do this as the images I had taken were not a part of my original brief but as an external opportunity, the images are of a mother and her baby daughter, these images were taken along with some bridal make up images for my techniques & processes brief. My aim was to try something new, something that I could potentially use at a later date to show my other skills, this could be a good opportunity to expand my professionalism.

The scene was shot in the studio, this helped me to develop my skills with talking and getting the attention of babies, I enjoyed the experience and was really happy with the results, the model I was shooting was also very pleased with the outcome and had asked for some of the images as well as promising to keep my contact details to pass on to family and friends, this was a good learning experience as well as possible future work in another sector of my business.

As well as choosing some of my favourite practise shots I decided to submit 6 final images altogether, I decided to choose my two best outdoor images and the four shots from in the studio.


My first outdoor image, I chose because I was after a fairytale type of image to fit in with the magical princess feel that you get from wearing your wedding dress, I began by asking the model before the shoot how she saw herself when she was wearing her wedding dress, she had told me that she felt almost like a princess from a fairytale, someone who was important and beautiful, she really enjoyed spending her wedding day in a big white flowing dress as she forgot the normal hustle and bustle of everyday and felt as though she was in her own fairy tale story, To try and capture this in the images I wanted to make her look exactly as she felt when wearing her dress on her wedding day. The field we were in was just in front of a church, this made a perfect background for the image so I asked the model to pose in front of the castle, we took a number of images but this one was my favourite as well as hers. The wind managed to catch the veil just right and it flowed out behind her almost like fairy wings, this I feel adds a strong character to the image, your eyes are drawn straight away to the dress and its flowing veil, from here you can then observe the castle in the background. Although she wasn’t looking directly at the camera I felt that this image could’t get much better, I was pleased to notice she was looking in the direction of the castle, giving the illusion she is on her way to the church.

I’m happy with the composition and detail in this image and would’t change this in any way, although if I did have contact with a make up and hair artist at this time I could have possibly gotten her hair to fit in with the scene better, although this doesn’t compromise on the way this image comes across and portrays the magical feel I wanted to recreate.


The second of my outdoor shoots I chose again for a similar reason to the first, as I was trying to recreate the princess feel that her dress gave her I wanted to exaggerate on the long trail of the dress, she made reference to the size of the dress and how she liked the trail, this is what made her feel like a princess when entering the church, to emphasize on the trail I decided to place her to one side of the image and trail out the bottom of her dress to show the longitude of the dress, I brought the trail from the back around to the front and spread it along the floor before taking the shot, I also decided to use the natural scene as part of a prop in my image, by asking my model to lean against the rock in the image, this gave a reason for the image, she looks almost as if she’s waiting, gazing into the distance in deep thought. I liked the shallow depth of field created using the 135mm lens used to create this image, it drops the background out enough to give the photo a nice backdrop and show where we are but not too much that it take the distraction away from the bride.

After looking back on this image, although it is exactly as I had pictured and  wanted to capture, I could have got the model to do a few different poses using the natural rock in the image, possibly casually leant showing more of the front or the dress or even poses in a fashion style pose with more contour of the body to give the image a bit of different character, this is something I will look into when photographing brides in the future, I could possibly create fashion inspired images, this could be another potential selling point in my business.

The three images above taken in the studio I have chosen as a set, I was particularly happy with how these images turned out, I was able to capture all  the detailing of the dress and had chosen to edit the images in a way where I could add a different colour cast to create a different feel to each image, with the help of a make up artist from Bradford college I was able to get the true beauty of the bride, this worked well for me as the main problem I came across was not having my models properly styled to suit the dresses, this created a beautiful image fit for an advertisement as well as a great image for my bridal portfolio, this also creates another opportunity to expand into other photography styles such as advertising  for places such as bridal magazines. The first of the images I was most happy with I took the image off centre to bring the model to the right using the rule of thirds. I decided to change the colour balance in this image after it was shot to give a golden colour to it, this gives the feeling of riches, alot of weddings are very expensive and after asking my bride how she would expect to feel in her wedding dress she explained that she wanted to feel a million pounds! that on her wedding day she wouldn’t want any expenses spared as it was her only day she would be wearing a dress then she would want the most lavish and expensive dress she could get and want the people who saw her in it to know this, This was what I was trying to get in my images, I wanted to create something that would look worthy enough to be seen in a bridal magazine so decided to take the above shots to show the elegance of the dress and the beauty of the bride in that dress, the model had also told me that she like feeling really feminine whilst in the dress as she often would wear jeans out and about she would very rarely feel as pretty as what she did in the dress, this is what gave me the idea to change the colour balance to give the image a nice soft pink to show the femininity of the image. By asking my model to look up towards the light I was able to get a perfect glow in her eyes from the lights in the studio, this added to the feminine, beautiful glamour image that I was trying to produce.

I was happy wit the outcome of all three of these images and liked the face that i didn’t have any distractions in the image to take away the focus on the bride and her dress, however  I think this image would also work well if placed in front of a window, using the natural light to highlight the model, this will be something I will definitely be trying during upcoming wedding and bridal shoots.


The last of my chosen images  is another for the studio shoot, my reason for choosing this image was mainly for the detailing on the dress, with me getting a closer image I was able to focus on the dress itself, I asked my model to look down towards the dress, this created an image where the bride is looking at the beauty of her dress, it also shows the make up of the bride as well to emphasize on the beauty within this image. This image I created through my concept of the wedding dress, as I had explained in my brief a dress symbolises many things, some of these include; Beauty, detailing, cleanliness, purity, femininity and delicacy. Using my research on the wedding dress I had decided to take an image based on what I had found out, I wanted to make sure that the detailing was obvious in my image, as like the three previous images I didn’t want any distractions in my image, I also decided to get in close to keep the focus on the dress, by gettign the model to hold on her dress this shows elegance, how someone would move when wearing such a big flowing beautiful dress, asking her to look towards the dress creates a connection between the bride and her dress.

I was very pleased with how this image came together, the beauty of the bride with all her make up compliments the dress perfectly, the image looks as though It could have been taken on a wedding day which is the kind of images I will need to produce to be able to become a successful wedding photographer.

Altogether the final images I have chosen create a perfect set of bridal portraits, they all have their own meaning and together create my brief of portraying the meaning and feeling that you get from wearing a bridal dress, by using a range of different locations and settings I was able to create a series of unique images to fit into my brief.