For my last shoot I arranged to take some studio shots with a make up artist who also needed some images for her portfolio.

She was in contact with a model I had previously used for my church wedding shoot and I provided the dress for her to wear, we arranged to get the studio on a Wednesday afternoon during our free time and managed to shoot some images for both my modules and hers.

I was also able to get some images for my Techniques & Processes Brief whilst doing this shoot.

The aim for this shoot was to capture the bride in her dress and the beauty that comes with it, to make sure I would get the perfect image I first took some test shots, using my tutor! this was to make sure that the white would be correctly exposed and not create too many shadows or to be blown out or over exposed, to test this I asked him to hold a white netting (this I also used in my images as a veil) so I could adjust the settings on my camera before shooting.

The reason I wanted to test how the white would look in the image is because as my images were based on the beauty of the bride in her dress I didn’t want any of that detailing to be lost due to over exposure, by using the veil as a test prop I could see the result of the colour balance in my images.

After a few test shots I began the shoot, As I was taking photos for both my modules and the MUA’s projects too I had to make sure that not only did I capture the images I needed, I had to make sure the images fitted in with the MUA’s projects as well as my own. She was very happy with the outcome, and was able to use many of my images in her projects.

The images I had taken from this shoot were perfect for my proposal, I wanted to get images showing the detailing of the dress taking away any unnecessary distractions so that the focus was strictly on the bride in her dress, I felt that the model complimented the dress perfectly and together I was able to get some shots of a beautiful bride, with the help of the make up, the image looked as though it was taken on a wedding day, the model looked as though she was about to get married and this is exactly what I was going for.

The images I produced not only could be used for my project but would also be ideal to use for images in a bridal magazine, these images could potentially be used to sell a dress as well as in a portfolio for bridal photography.

After editing my images I decided to change the colour balance in some images, my original images (can be seen in previous blog posts or contact sheets) were very grey or white which took away the focus on the dress, by choosing to create a soft glow this shows the delicacy of the dress as well as the feminine feel that the image produces.

After looking through my finished and edited images from this shoot I then decided to re edit some of the images, I found that I had made them look very yellow so decided to take some of the yellow out of my images to tone down the vibrancy of the images.

The images I decided to have as my final edits are the ones above, I feel that the separation of colour works best this way, I decided to keep the images looking similar but yet try using different colour balance to create a diversity in my set.

I liked the pink touch I added to my images as it gives it that feminine touch I was after, it creates a very ladylike delicate image, I also feel it compliments her nude make up wonderfully.