During both projects this year I have helped out the media make up artists to get images for their modules, During a shoot for bridal make up that I will be using in my Techniques & Processes module I was able to get the model briefly for some test shots.

As she was there with her baby I was able to get some images of her together with her little girl, I decided these would be good practise for my studio module, as this is an opportunity that I may come across when I start to expand into my own business, although I am hoping to focus on wedding photography I also want to keep in mind the different photography opportunities that are around, mummy and baby shoots are a growing popular choice for many new mums and I found this was a fantastic way to practise my skills with a baby, I was really happy with the results and even managed to get some smiles from the baby model too!!

I chose to add these images into my module mainly because this provides me with an external opportunity into baby photography, its hard to start something with out having prior experience in that e=area, so these images would be perfect to start up a baby portrait portfolio.

I enjoyed working with both the mummy and baby during this shoot, I was able to test my skills when trying to distract a baby! as well as being able to capture moments as they happen, this is an important skil during wedding photography as even though most images can and are staged I often have to be ready to capture the ‘moment’ this was a big factor in taking these images as I couldn’t predict when the baby would look towards me/smile or even create the perfect pose.

The lady in the images was very happy with what I had produced and asked to use these images for herself, I allowed her to have some images to show friends and family, and she agreed to mention me when showing these to other people, this is another opportunity to liaise with potential customers who may want some images themselves.