I originally looked online for potential areas to shoot in, looking at the shot hotspot web page;


to find picturesque locations, After requesting models from a facebook page for MUA/Media and photography students;


I was contacted by two people willing to help me out and model for me in a dress that I had provided for them to wear, so decided to look into areas close to them to have the shoot as they preferred to be closer to home, as I found it hard to come across willing models I was more than happy to research into their areas to find suitable locations.

Using google maps I was able to find some areas close to them that I could take my images;

Luckily Adele one of the models was available on the day arranged and we were able to get some images we were both happy with, the images fit into my brief as I wanted and she was happy that I was able to give her some images she could use for her portfolio, she was also able to let me know of all the little unseen areas of the woodland near her house so we made a full day of it and got some lovely images.

Unfortunately however my other model was unable to get back in touch and decided against doing a shoot, I did look into possible areas near to her to take the images but I was happy never the less with the images I managed to get from the shoot with Adele.

This taught me that I must definitely make sure I have a few people lined up for images as it wasn’t that easy finding and keeping the models interested.