I looked online for some advice on looking at my SWOT analysis, I found a link to watch a video explaining how to explain opportunities as this was something I was struggling with explaining;


The video on the link was very helpful explaining how to apply external opportunities into my analysis as well as how to understand the threats within my area of expertise.

I used this information to help me to complete my own SWOT analysis below;

Critical analysis of my SWOT

Strengths –

I find that my confidence levels have grown over the past three years of my course and feel much more confident when peaking to others, talking out loud is something I no longer worry about since doing my presentation for my Personal Development Portfolio in my other module I found that I spoke clearly and confidently to my peers, I was understood and answered questions adequately, this I feel is something that id important when working with new people on their wedding day, I don’t feel nervous when explaining myself and who I am, this is something that could affect my work opportunities otherwise.

I also consider my ability to work to others timescales and requirements something that is beneficial to my chosen line of work, as I will be producing images for others to their specifications and to the time they allow or require me to work to, I feel that I can work well under pressure and always aim to keep others happy.

Weaknesses –

I find that my organisation skills are something I must work on, being in a business where I must know certain times and dates and be ready in advance this is something that if I do not focus on could potentially ruin someone’s day! to overcome this I have started to use a diary for my everyday tasks, this way I can get into a habit of keeping everything organised, this will be something I must achieve when booking in future jobs and clients.

Opportunities –

My opportunities to become successful could be found online, the social media is a massive help in getting my name out there and to showcase my work so far, by using online advertisement I can potentially reach an audience I would not have reached by word of mouth alone, by asking people to help me to share my work and get my ideas out there I can widen my area in which I can reach people.

Also by providing a professional service and good customer care I can help build my reputation within groups of people, people are more likely to mention me if I provide an outstanding service for them.

Threats –

In the wedding industry at the moment camera phones are a potential threat for the wedding photography business, more people everyday are beginning to use their own cameras to get photos and with technology developing all the time I must make sure I can always offer something different that others cannot easily access by the use of their phones.

Other threats include other photographers online that are advertising in the same area as me, I must be able to offer something different to others out there to stand out from the crowd, I am currently in a big pool of other potential wedding photographers and must develop enough skills, experience and uniqueness to become better than other photographers in my area.