For my first shoot I decided I would capture images outdoors, this was to get the landscape in the background and add a bit of character into my images, creating that soft, outdoor/princess image, The location we took the images in actually had a church in the background, this I was exited to use as a background prop, there were plenty of different wooded areas including fallen trees, flowers, stones/rocks and of course  the blue sky!

It turned out to be a perfect day to shoot which enabled me to gather a selection of different images outdoors, a lot like those I had been researching during my proposal, this complimented the dress perfectly, as it didn’t fade into the background but stood out wonderfully with the greenery in the background adding colour to my images.

The outdoors provided plenty of different photo opportunities for me, the set of images I was able to produce were of a wide variety, this was helpful because it gave me plenty of different positions to work with, helped me to adapt to the changing available light so I was able to asses the area and choose my settings appropriately and effectively.

By taking my images outdoors I not only had the full use of potential props but the wind and natural light source as well, the wind was perfect during my shoot, it allowed me to create movement in my images with the veil, this I was very happy with, I wanted the images to show the true beauty of the dress as described in my brief and with the flow of the veil in the wind I found this really helped with the exaggeration of the size of the dress, this is often something brides look for when purchasing their wedding dress.

I chose the 5 images above as I feel these are my strongest, they show variety within my shoot and a different look at the dress in each image.

These images would be good to show to potential customers, their different from the traditional approach to wedding photography and could offer opportunity to bring some personal touches into a wedding album, by offering images taken at a location of your choice for example somewhere either the bride or groom or both visit regularly then it gives the images a personal touch, something about them is adding into their photos.

This would be something I could offer as part of a secondary package or a introductory shoot before the big day, something alike a engagement shoot, by creating a variety of images I am creating not just a series of images but a complete different approach into wedding photography, the images are all unique, rather than a set of images taken in the same place, limiting the possibility of the shoot.