April 22nd I joined in with other students to take some images for the make up artists at Bradford college, I took some bridal images for a make up student, showing both the detail on the face as well as the beauty of the bride in her dress, this was good for my brief as I have decided to focus on the bride and her gown during my project, I wanted to capture her beauty as well as the detail of the dress.

I started off by taking some close up images to show the detail of the make up, this was mainly for the MUA student, these images were important for her project, I made sure I captured all the detailing of the face and asked he to pose at different angles to ensure I was able to capture her from every side, I asked the model to look down during the shoot so I could get a nice image of her eye make up, this showed the detailing of the eye shadow, the MUA artist was very happy with these images as they fitted in perfect with her brief.

Once I was sure I had captured all the images the MUA artist needed I then asked the model to pose in the wedding dress I had provided for her, I wanted to capture all the detail in the dress, the beauty of the bride and the white crisp clean feel that the dress provides when we see it, I decided to make sure I got a clear white image, to do this I first set the lights so that we had a large soft box in front of the model, this then created the soft glow, I then lit the background with two spot lights so that the background was  lit to create a soft white back drop in my images, this then took away any distractions.

Once I took the images I edited them through Photoshop, to clear any marks in the background and lighten the image when needed, Although I found when editing my images I looked back on then to realise they were slightly tinted orange, this I think happened whilst editing my images in a bright sunlit room, this caused a yellow cast over my screen so it wasn’t until after I looked back on the images that I decided I needed to re edit them to take away some of the yellow in my shots.

Over all I was happy with my images and will need to re edit them to a colour cast I am fully satisfied with, the MUA artist and model were very pleased with the outcome and have used the images as part of the MUA project.

Below are the images I took, these I will be re editing to take away the yellow cast.

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