I did a shoot with a MUA student to capture some images of her bridal makeup, We decided to go for a soft bright image, to get this I had two small soft boxes facing the background at medium strength to create a soft grey background, initially we set up the lights and took a test shot which came out too bright so adjusted the strength of the back lights to get the look I needed.

using a large soft box at the front facing my model I metered at f8, so shooting at this f stop using 100 iso and 125th sec I began the shoot.

I asked the model to pose In various positions looking over her shoulder and tilting her head back so we could get shots showing all of the hair and makeup.

The MUA student was happy with the final images, these were exactly as she wanted them, I was happy I were able to capture the image as requested and found that this was good practise in dealing with customer needs.

I also decided to take a few shots of her pregnancy bump, this wasn’t part of the brief but I felt by adding a bit of variety it would help me with my technical and people skills, the model was thrilled with these images also so it was worth those few extra shots.